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Obama Days Ahead

Jan 21, 2009

Apart from politics, the inauguration of President Obama marks a historic change not only in America but throughout the entire world. It has been a long time--perhaps never before--since the rest of the world took such an interest in this inauguration. Keep in mind, too, that we take for granted a peaceful transition of power; but for the rest of the world, this is an awesome event. Many have never seen such a thing in their own countries.

Understand that the rest of the world is more insulated from the political details that Americans know or believe that they know. To the rest of the world, President Bush represents war, torture, and deaf ears, while President Obama represents the opportunity of a non-white son of an immigrant to rise to the highest office in the land.

Fairly or unfairly, this is how the world sees America's "change." Keep in mind that American perception of the rest of the world is probably more unfair than their perception is of us.

This inauguration has done much to restore American popularity around the world. In a single day, we now have billions of people thinking better of us than before. Do not underestimate the value of that good will, nor should we destroy it or squander it, as President Bush did post-911. Men and nations tend to squander world sympathy in their desire for revenge ("justice") whenever they have been wronged.

Regardless of the controversies surrounding Obama's birth certificate and his constitutional eligibility as president, he has now been sworn in as the 44th president. The lack of a valid birth certificate may come back to haunt him later, but for now, it is a non-issue. The Supreme Court refused to deal with the issue on January 16, and we are not in a position to make any legal rulings in that regard.

Attorney Philip Berg, who pushed the eligibility issue for many months, essentially lost his case, whether he was right or not. He made his case in part by saying, "There is nothing more important than our constitution." I understand his point, but I think the Supreme Court justices were thinking to themselves: "What constitution?" The working constitution for Mystery Babylon is not the original constitution that was written in 1789. Babylon's constitution is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). There is nothing in the UCC that forbids Obama from becoming president.

In other words, the problem is much deeper than Obama's place of birth. Berg has been trying to fight a battle that was lost a long time ago. Secondly, however, I believe that there certainly IS something more important than our constitution--even the one written in 1789. It is the Kingdom of God and its constitution--the Bible. Instead of spending our time trying to restore the original constitution, perhaps we should consider moving forward by replacing both it and the UCC with the Scriptures and restoring the Kingdom of God.

As I see it, our captivity to Babylon and its UCC is part of the divine plan of judgment against us in the same manner as God judged Israel and Judah in biblical times. Israel was blatant as a "harlot" having relations with false gods. Judah was more religious about it, being a more hypocritical harlot. God, who really hates hypocrisy, said that Judah was worse than Israel (Jer. 3:11).

In a way, we can see both Israel and Judah in our two main political parties. The so-called "religious right" (Christians) took over the Republican Party in the past three decades, while the sexual freedom advocates took over the Democratic Party. In a way, Judah is now represented by the Republicans, while Israel is represented by the Democrats. Who is more justified in the sight of God? See Jer. 3:11 for the answer.

So during the Obama presidency, we will no doubt see the full establishment of abortion rights, gay marriage, and full "sexual freedom" which runs contrary to biblical law and restraint of evil. But at the same time, keep in mind that God likes to put sin into the open before judging it.

It looks like Obama will be president in the most interesting year of all--2010. I think that he may surprise all of us, and perhaps even himself. Regardless of his moral views, he is definitely not an aristocrat or from the usual crowd of insiders in Washington. I believe that he is probably more independent than most of his recent predecessors. In fact, his very popularity in America and throughout the world empowers him and cowers those who want to control him for their own purposes. The Democratic Party will have a harder time controlling him than its past presidents.

It may well be that Obama will do some things that his aristocratic predecessors of impeccable genealogy were unwilling or unable to do. What will he do when the economy and the dollar finally collapse completely? Will he be the one to nationalize the Federal Reserve with the stroke of a pen? Will he re-instate the constitution? These are interesting questions, and the fact that he will probably be in the legal position to do something during the critical year 2010 intrigues me.

Obama's supporters do not doubt that he will do the right thing. His detractors do not doubt that he will do the wrong thing. But let us remember that God is still on the throne, and that He turns the hearts of kings--and presidents. Proverbs 21:1 says,

"The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes."

The great sovereignty of God passage (Isaiah 45) proves the case by telling us that King Cyrus of Persia would do everything God told him to do, even though Cyrus did not know God at all. President Obama is not greater than God, nor will God have any trouble using him for a greater purpose. Obama's personal views, and the views of his controllers in government, are irrelevant when God wants to accomplish His purposes.

Let us keep that in mind, so that we trust in God and look to Him in all things. Find out what God's purpose is in all things, and seek to know His will for you. We live in an imperfect world, regardless of who is president. But we are citizens of the Kingdom, and perhaps rulers-in-training. As such we must learn to see things from God's perspective and to think in "global" terms, because God owns the entire universe. Our job is not to learn how to rule by the principle of "self-interest," or "what's good for America." We are to stand above this and be impartial in our judgments, for that is one of the most important requirements for biblical judges.

If an overcomer becomes president, it would be a demotion. The lowliest ruler in the Kingdom of God has greater authority than the most powerful president or king of any earthly nation.

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