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Jerusalem Post Article on the War in Gaza

Jan 13, 2009

Someone is now suggesting that the Israeli government treat Hamas in Gaza like the United States did to Japan toward the end of World War II.

In other words, they are now talking nuclear, or at least making the comparison.


So here's the sequence. Zionist Jews flood into Palestine. Palestinians read their material and are alarmed that they intend to take over. They fight back. Britain tries to keep the peace, but finally turn it over to the U.N. in 1947. The U.N. compromises by partitioning the land. The Arab nations object to the idea that peace can be restored by telling the Zionists to give back half of what they stole.

The war creates a huge refugee camp called Gaza, after the Irgun terrorists, led by Menachem Begin, carry massacres of whole towns in order to terrorize the Palestinians into fleeing. The Red Cross objects, but their voices fall on deaf Christian ears--even though many of the refugees are Christians. "Sorry, they got in the way of Bible prophecy, so it's their own fault." So the logic goes. (What would Jesus do?)

As unrest continues in Gaza, the Israelis seal off the borders and blockade the coast, turning Gaza into one huge prison camp. The people become indigent, totally dependent upon the Israelis for shipments of food and anything else. The more the people object, the tighter the Israelis squeeze them. Hamas becomes popular for helping the people, so in the free elections of 2006 Hamas comes to power. The Israelis are delighted, because now they have an excuse to stop all peace talks.

The Israelis then make life increasingly miserable for the people of Gaza, to incite Hamas to fire low-tech rockets at nearby Israeli settlements. Israelis scream bloody murder, and the government is only too happy to invade Gaza to stop the rocket attacks on innocent civilians. But the rockets red glare continues, and so do the bombs bursting in air. So the Palestinian rocket attacks must be stopped at all costs--even if they have to be nuked.

Stop struggling while I kill you slowly. If you keep struggling, I'll nuke you and everyone else. So the logic goes.

The Israelis are moving the world toward nuclear confrontation in the name of "security." Keep your potassium iodate handy. One of these days, you're going to need it. Compliments of the Israeli government and the Christians who support lawless acts in the name of Bible prophecy.

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