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Israeli Gunboats Attack the Dignity (ship) in International Waters

Jan 06, 2009

The Dignity was on a mission of mercy to Gaza from Cyprus on Dec. 30 when it was attacked (rammed) by Israeli gunboats 90 miles off the coast of Gaza in international waters.

By law, this is an act of piracy and an international war crime. A former U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia (Rep. Cynthia McKinney) was aboard as well. The ship is now limping toward Lebanon, where it has been granted permission to dock.

I suppose since the USS Liberty incident was covered up in 1967, the Israelis think this one will be covered up as well. They have confidence in their powerful lobby. But with a US congresswoman aboard, it might be more difficult this time. And the fact that the crime was perpetrated in international waters makes it a clear war crime, regardless of how the Israelis and other Zionists may spin the story.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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