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How is YOUR Bank Doing Financially?

Jan 03, 2009

Someone sent me this. If you click on the link, it will give a lengthy list of banks in the U.S. They are not listed alphabetically. The top of the list is the bank most vulnerable to failure with the worst (highest) rating. Any rating over 100 is "in very serious danger of collapse." The bank rating is listed on the far right side of the chart.

If you have money in any of these vulnerable banks, you might want to find another bank that is lower on the list.

This is a list of all of the banks in the United States and the corresponding Texas Ratio for each one. Developed by Gerard Cassidy, the Texas ratio is a measure of a bank's credit troubles. Basically, the higher the ratio, the worse the situation is for that particular bank. Banks with a ratio of 100 and higher are in very serious danger of collapse, and banks with a ratio of 50 or higher are vulnerable.

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