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Gaza War Escalates

Jan 09, 2009

The Gaza strip is one huge refugee camp created by the Israelis in 1948 when they drove Palestinians from their homes. The Israeli policy has always been to make life so miserable for Palestinians that they will "voluntarily" leave the country. Once they leave, Israeli law does not permit them to return.

In recent years they built a wall around Gaza, transforming it from a refugee camp into a collective prison. They have blockaded the sea and will not allow any Palestinian to fish off the coast. Likewise, they have taken full control over all goods, food, and supplies going in or out of Gaza. The Gaza residents are cut off from the world and cannot export anything without Israeli permission.

The unemployment rate is about 80% and climbing. "It's all their own fault," the Israelis claim. Such claims ring hollow, except to Christian Zionists, to whom it makes perfect sense to treat the Palestinians like Canaanites under the Old Covenant.

The Israeli oppression of Palestinians is designed specifically to make them fight back. And then they can claim that further oppression and attacks are only "our right to defend ourselves." Their words are designed to make everyone forget who started all of this in the first place. May I remind everyone that it was NOT the Palestinian people who immigrated into Europe to steal Jewish property. I do not know of any Jews in Europe who are being oppressed by Palestinians.

I have suspected all along that this latest conflict in Gaza is designed to kill as many Palestinians as possible using Hamas as an excuse. They claim that Hamas is using the people as "human shields." It was the Israelis who packed the people into such a small space. Hamas did not have to do much at all to turn people into human shields. The Israelis are more than happy to bomb buildings crowded with women and children. They always claim it was "accidental" or "their own fault." Suppose a man drives 100 mph down a crowded avenue and then kills a few people. Can he claim that it was an accident? Was it the fault of the people for getting in the way? I would call it deliberate murder under the banner of war.

The greater plan, I believe, is to kill lots of women and children in Gaza in order to enrage the rest of the Arab world, particularly Hezbollah in Lebanon. Essentially, the plan is to draw Hezbollah into the war, so that the Israelis can then blame Iran for supplying their rockets. Iran is the real goal, not Gaza and not even Hezbollah.

And so today the war has escalated, as Hezbollah has finally begun to fire rockets into northern Israeli-occupied territory.


Meanwhile, the Israelis are making themselves hated and despised around the world, knowing that this will simply draw more sympathy from Christians and the American government. The Israelis killed a U.N. driver who was driving a truck with humanitarian supplies for Gaza. It is becoming increasingly apparent to all humanitarian aid workers that the problem is the Israelis, not the Palestinians.

What I find most repugnant is that the unconditional Christian Zionist support for this kind of slaughter and oppression is a reflection upon Jesus Himself--at least in the eyes of the non-Christian world. For example, Rosanne Barr, herself Jewish, is calling the Israelis "Nazis" and openly blasphemes Jesus because of the actions of Christians. So says the Jerusalem Post:


Now I have no liking for Rosanne Barr's morals, or lack thereof, but if Christians really think that Jews are the chosen people and should be supported at all costs, then why do they not support Rosanne Barr? Her lack of morality in one area is no worse than the Israeli's lack of morality on the international scene. I oppose BOTH, because both are immoral from a biblical standpoint.

Yet my point is to say that we should watch how this current war is developing. The Israelis have been itching for another chance to prove themselves invincible, ever since they lost the Lebanon war in 2006. They want to be feared, but their loss in 2006 proved to their enemies that they are not invincible. So this is another reason why the Israelis have been baiting Hezbollah. They want an excuse to invade Lebanon again--and this time they intend to kill and destroy as many people as possible to punish them for winning in 2006.

But the end game is to draw Iran into the conflict, so that they have an excuse to bomb the nuclear facilities there. If their dirty little plan succeeds, they could discover that they have finally bitten off more than they can chew. One way or another, Iran is old Persia, and Persia has the calling to overthrow Babylon. Even if defeated militarily, an attack on Iran will signal the soon demise of Mystery Babylon.

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