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The Current 76-day Cycle

Dec 01, 2008

As I have explained in the past, each year at this time we observe two 76-day cycles back to back.

These cycles start some time after the feast of Tabernacles, often in late October, but just as often in early November. I had no revelation about when these two cycles might begin this year, but suspected either November 11 or 14 because of some past patterns.

On November 29, the Lord finally revealed that the first 76-day cycle actually began on November 5. This was the day after the election and the day that the Illinois lottery (or lootery) drew #666. I wrote about this in a blog on November 8, pointing out that Obama was not actually proclaimed the winner until the next day, November 5.

In that blog I showed that the Old Testament pattern of #666 had to do with money. Solomon raked in 666 talents of gold (1 Kings 10:14). Its connection to Babylon is in the fact that Babylon (or Nebuchadnezzar himself) was the "head of gold" (Dan. 2:38).

And so the book of Revelation speaks of Mystery Babylon as an extension of the original "image" that King Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream. Even though there would be a shift of empires over the centuries, the image was still being commanded from the head of gold. Hence, the entire image is Babylon, and the final manifestation of its power would be seen in "Mystery Babylon," that is, a secret or hidden power.

When the Lord said that the first 76-day cycle began on November 5, and after the initial surprise wore off, I began to calculate the endpoint of that cycle. It comes to January 20, 2009. This is Inauguration Day for the new president.

The connection is immediately obvious.

The second 76-day period will end on April 6, 2009. What might occur at that time is not clear at the moment, other than it brings us nearly to Passover (April 8/9).

The purpose of these two 76-day cycles is to establish patterns for the rest of the prophetic year that will end at the feast of Tabernacles next year (2009). November 5 has to do with the election; January 20 has to do with the Inauguration of the president; April 6 is unknown.

So far, our early view shows that Obama is the one to watch. There is a 666 connection as well, having both a positive and a negative application. It is quite possible that this coming presidency will see the completion of the Babylonian plans for a New World Order. That probably means that the power grab will climax in this next administration--which is the bad news. The good news is that those plans will also fail in the end. This system will topple of its own weight, while triggering a great cry for repentance, which will in turn begin to replace this oppressive system with the great Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2:35.

My view is still very early and sketchy, of course. But if we overlay these new projections on the timing of the Elijah Ministry that has been revealed earlier, it looks like Greenspan's "financial tsunami" is bringing us into a "financial drought" for the next few years. At the same time, the Elijah company will see the fulfillment of 1 Kings 17:14,

"For thus says the Lord God of Israel, 'The bowl of flour shall not be exhausted, nor shall the jar of oil be empty, until the day that the Lord sends rain on the face of the earth'."

It is in difficult times that the hand of God is most clearly seen.

Notice, too, that when Elijah returned to Israel after three years, he was met by Obadiah, a righteous man who was overseer of King Ahab's household (1 Kings 18:3). Obadiah had done a lot of good as a government employee, for he had hidden a hundred prophets from the rage of Jezebel.

Back in the 1990's, when Bill Clinton was elected president, we understood that he would fulfill a pattern of King Ahab. But we wondered about Hillary. Was she to fulfill a type of Jezebel? She had no real power in those days, so she did not appear to fit the type. When she then ran for president this past year, we wondered if perhaps she might indeed win, but she did not. Today, however, it is expected that she will formally accept the office of Secretary of State under President Obama.

This may prove to be a significant factor in the years to come, because the Secretary of State has much more government authority than a mere First Lady in the White House.

I do not want to speculate too much on the role she may play in the years ahead, because it depends on how the Old Testament patterns may play out under the New Covenant. There is more than one way to fulfill the patterns, as we have so often observed. I suspect that she is being raised up to provide opposition to the Church. The Church itself is heading for a certain level of judgment for its role in supporting Babylon, its love of money, hypocrisy, and its general lawlessness. "Obadiah" is called to spare the true prophets among them, or at least some of them.

I believe that Jezebel has already been overthrown in the spirit (as of last September). That means we will see it work out in the world at some point. Even if Hillary is a type of Jezebel, we do not know HOW this will work out in the world. The original OT Jezebel was eaten by the dogs (2 Kings 9:10, 35-37). But what is death in the Old Covenant is life in the New. Caleb means "dog," and Caleb was one of the great overcomers in the Old Covenant. If the flesh was torn from Jezebel by the dogs, this could easily have a New Covenant application indicating that Hillary will have a powerful conversion experience with the Holy Spirit in the end that will transform her from "fleshly" to "spiritual."

Likewise, King Ahab was killed by an arrow (1 Kings 22:34). Arrows symbolize children (Psalm 127:4), and lightning in Psalm 77:17, 18 is pictured as God's arrow--that is, the sons of God. We cannot put it past God's ability to circumcize the heart of Ahab by the hand of one of the sons of God.

These are things to ponder and pray about. But keep one thing in mind . . . if your desire is to be a "son of God," you may be called to pray for political opponents or "enemies." Many people become so politically oriented that they draw up the battle lines and label certain ones "the enemy." Once we categorize someone as an "enemy," it is easy to justify hatred for them, for we think they are beyond God's ability to save.

But our calling is to be one of God's arrows, which pierce the heart for their good. Let us make sure that all of our enemies are only enemies because they hate us, and not because we hate them.

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