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The Amero to Replace the Collapsing Dollar

Dec 17, 2008

In the past week the dollar has collapsed from $130 euros to $1.43. It has been going down about 3 cents a day this week. I don't suppose this is unprecedented for the dollar, but it is certainly a huge drop.

With the Fed dropping interest rates to zero yesterday, it is well known that any drop in interest rates will bring down the value of the dollar. At this rate, it won't take long for the dollar to hit its low point again at $1.59 per euro (from a few months ago).

More than that, with all the talk about the next TRILLION DOLLAR "stimulus package," we are accelerating toward the point where the treasury will no longer be able to service the debt (i.e., pay the interest). Well, sort of. They can always borrow more to pay the interest on the previous debt. After all, this is a huge Ponzi scheme and always has been. But this may be used as an excuse to get the people to accept the idea that we must do something more drastic--that is, to monetize the new North American currency, the AMERO.

Hal Turner believes that this could occur as early as February of 2009.


I personally think that is a bit early. But it really depends on how fast this problem accelerates from here. Even so, on the You Tube link above, Hal shows off his Amero coin that someone from the Denver mint sent him. This Amero has a "D" on it, indicating that it was minted at the Denver mint. It is also dated 2007.

He has also now obtained Amero PAPER CURRENCY of various denominations, which seems to prove that the stuff actually does exist. There is a site that debunks the whole thing (without offering any proof), but you might want to look at it simply because it actually shows the pictures of the currency in question.


Anyway, if and when dollars are demonetized, everyone holding dollars will have no choice but to exchange them for ameros if they want to get anything at all for them. It is a foregone conclusion that the exchange rate will be quite low--perhaps 10:1 or even 50:1, whatever the treasury wants to do.

All goods and services would then have to be re-priced in ameros, rather than dollars. If the re-pricing is the same as the exchange rate, then we won't actually lose money on the deal. But there is no guarantee that this will happen. Hal Turner gives the impression that dollars may be worth just 2 cents to an amero, and that this means we would lose 98% of our money. His belief assumes that one dollar's worth of groceries today will be sold later for one amero. If that happened, it would truly be a disaster. But the chances of othat are very slim.

Even so, I think that anyone holding dollars will lose something, and those holding gold or silver (or any other commodity) will come out ahead. How much ahead, I cannot say, but it suggests that gold or silver coins or bullion (bars) are most likely a good investment right now. The drop in the dollar means that it is going to take more dollars to buy such things. The price of gold and silver is going up. So from a price standpoint, this suggests that the time to buy is now, rather than later. Gold is up from about $820/oz last week to about $870 today. Silver is up from $9.30 to about $11.60 now (plus a premium).

If you have no idea what to do, just look for a coin shop in the yellow pages and buy what they have. For larger quantities, you can make better deals from other dealers.

If you don't know anything about such things, start learning now, or find someone who does know. It might be worth your while, unless you have too few dollars to make any difference.

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