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Electric Cars Destroyed

Dec 20, 2008

Any bailout deal with the automakers ought to include a demand that they reverse their policies on destroying their electric cars after building them. Unfortunately, the workers themselves are not the problem--it is the executives who make the decisions.

And by the way, there are widely diverse statements being made about how much the auto workers are paid. Some report their salaries as $78/hour; others say $71/hour. I suspect that this average salary includes the multi-million salaries of the CEO's, along with other high-priced executives.

A more recent news report stated that their average salary was $23.50/hour. I suspect that this was the hourly average for the line worker, excluding the executives.

Anyway, here is a link to show how the auto companies built and leased electric cars very successfully in the 1990's, and then when the leases ran out, they took them all back and crushed them into scrap. Those who had leased the cars wanted to buy them, but were not allowed. Why? Simply because the oil companies want to sell more gasoline.

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