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Debt-Ridden Churches Facing Bankruptcy

Dec 26, 2008

Here is an article about foreclosures on churches.


It shows a couple of things. First, I believe it is just the beginning of some serious financial problems in the church world. In my view, before this is over, we will probably see most of the megachurches file for bankruptcy, along with most of the big televangelist ministries. I see this as part of divine judgment upon the church in general.

Secondly, the article mentions a few Christian mortgage companies who think that usury is a way to build churches and make money at the same time. So when the churches get in the way of making money, they foreclose on them just like any other banker would do. Business is business. That's their priority.

Third, I believe that the Great Depression II is going to destroy the credibility of the Prosperity Gospel to make way for the true Gospel of the Kingdom. The Prosperity Gospel is Christian Babylonianism, and it will fall with its political and economic partners.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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