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Constitutional Convention Coming Soon

Dec 11, 2008

Today the Ohio legislature was supposed to vote on a bill to see whether or not to call for a Constitutional Convention. The bill was introduced on December 3, 2008. See . . .


When 34 states have voted for a Constitutional Convention, Congress MUST have one. This means they will create a new Constitution for America. If Ohio passes this bill, they will be only one state short of the required number, although the sponsors of this may have some legal hurdles, because four of the states have rescinded their vote since calling for a Constitutional Convention.

At first, they had decided not to give any opportunity for public discussion on the bill, but later they decided to allow discussion. And they got an earful. The chairman decided NOT to vote on the bill today.


A Constitutional Convention is essentially a new government. Old laws do not necessarily carry over into the new government. With each change in a constitution, many laws and precedents established in the past would be overturned.

Of course, in my view we have been without a Constitution since 1933, so a Constitutional Convention would finally give us a new Constitution that would actually be binding. That is a dangerous weapon in the hands of Congress, especially since they would be likely to legalize a lot of immorality that had been restrained previously.

From 1789 when our first Constitution was passed, the year 2009 is 220 years later. That is a very interesting number in itself, because it is the Time of Jacob's Trouble (21 or 210) plus the Hezekiah Factor (10 years).

So this is an issue to watch in the coming year.

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