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Behind the Madoff Scandal

Dec 18, 2008

Is it possible that Madoff has been at the head of the Israeli Mossad all along? Was his recent arrest really an Obama operation, in conjunction with Patrick Fitzgerald (both of Illinois) to change America's policy toward the Israelis?

If there is any truth to the article below, this could signal a huge turn-around in regard to America's pro-Israeli foreign policy, in spite of Obama's generous appointment of Jews to his cabinet.


DISCLAIMER: I have not put enough disclaimers in these weblogs, but you should understand that when I post articles, it is because I want you to know what people out in cyberspace are saying. It is not necessarily that what they are saying is true, nor do I necessarily endorse these things. My attitude is primarily, "Watch and see." If these things are true, then you will see evidence surface as time passes. If not, then it was just rumor. There is no way for me to check out everyone's statements without a huge time-consuming process.

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