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A Manipulative Solution to Gold Backwardation

Dec 09, 2008

I got this email from a regular reader, and I thought it was well worth posting. . .

I know you and I read many of the same articles, the articles you posted today in your blog have been on several websites I check regularly.  I, like you, believe Babylon is running scared, but in all honesty, unless God is really behind this present financial crisis, the banks will bail themselves out of this mess.  The Hunt brothers fiasco in the early 80's and the physical shortage of gold and silver then led to what is known as an inverted basis or no carry market, but the big boys at the exchanges simply changed the rules and allowed contracts to be traded out in cash instead of delivery which bankrupted the Hunts.

It seems the Comex is currently playing some of that same game.  If a true physical short was going to manifest, it should have started happening last week as delivery notices begin the 1st trading day of the month and we should already be seeing a sharp rise in gold and silver on Dec futures.  It hasn't happened as of yet this month, so it appears the manipulation will continue.  When it actually happens, it will be reflected in a sharply higher invert in say, the Dec price to the Feb price in gold.  This happens all the time in grain markets when we have short crops, but I haven't seen a steep invert in metals in my lifetime, so we might be jumping the gun on this occurrence at this time.

I'm not saying I don't think it is going to happen, maybe soon, but it seems to me it should have already manifested if anything was actually going to happen this month, it looks like they have managed to put it at least another few months in the future before this big squeeze actually manifests.  As I said, I truly believe only God is going to change this money system, the powers that be have been at this a long, long time, they know how to play their games at the expense of the masses.  I have had some very painful financial losses in my lifetime of trading grains believing the truth would be revealed as to how short crops actually were only to see a Government report that lied as to the truth and which would break the markets back much lower when they should have actually rallied much higher.  Have a good day.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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