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Washington Times National Weekly Edition Ad about the Obama Citizenship Controversy

Nov 18, 2008

This is an ad that will appear in The Washington Times National Weekly Edition.


It presents short, simplified questions about Obama's citizenship. It is a good summary of the case. I don't know how much impact it will have, however, other than to make more people aware of the controversy. So far the mainstream news media has avoided saying anything about it.

Looking at the psychology of the people in general, however, it is pretty clear to me that the majority of Americans are more interested in having a president they want, rather than a president who conforms to the constitutional requirements. Those requirements appear to most people to be outdated or irrelevant like most other constitutional issues. While Americans often given lip service to the constitution, they really only care about their own personal comfort, bank account, or ideology. If the constitution gets in the way of those things, they'll simply ignore it or demand an ammendment.

As a non-politician, I don't have much faith in the moral character of the American people. In fact, that is why we need a genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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