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Update on Obama's Citizenship Case in the Supreme Court

Nov 20, 2008

It appears that the Supreme Court will meet December 5 to decide whether or not to hear Philip Berg's case regarding Obama's Birth Certificate and eligibility to be President of the United States.

Keep in mind, the Supreme Court has not even decided whether or not to hear the case. Secondly, if you read further down, you will find that Alan Keyes has filed a case in California to block the Electoral Delegates from voting at the Electoral College on Dec. 15.


Regardless of the outcome, this case has the potential:

1. To make a lot of people angry on both sides.

2. To expose the the fact that the Constitution was discarded by the Congress in 1933 at Roosevelt's request on the grounds of "economic emergency."

3. To cause enough civil unrest so as to give an excuse for full-blown martial law to be imposed.

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