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Petition to Prove Obama's Birth Certificate

Nov 22, 2008

As I wrote earlier, Philip Berg wants Obama to show us a valid, certified Birth Certificate BEFORE he takes office, proving his eligibility for office, so as to prevent a huge disruption in America if he should later be proven to be ineligible or even an illegal alien.

Supreme Court Justice Souter rejected the Writ of Certiorari presented to him by Philip Berg, but it was resubmitted to Clarence Thomas, who accepted it. That means Thomas will bring it up in the Dec. 4 conference so that the justices can vote on whether or not to hear that particular case.

Now there is an online petition circulating to demand this simple piece of paper be shown to the American people. His hesitancy alone makes everyone suspicious. The Democratic Party's pronouncement that such allegations are mere "garbage" is not helpful either. Anyone can get involved in name-calling.


If you want to sign the petition, it's very simple. Just click on the link at the beginning of the article above.

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