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Nov 25, 2008

Since last July I have written a lot about the history of spiritual warfare from personal experience since the early 1990's. I took most of the web logs, added a lot of material, took out repetitious things, and have now put them all into a new 255-page book called The Wars of the Lord.

It is spiral bound for easy reading and study with clear plastic over the cover and vinyl on the back, so that it is sturdy enough to last longer than most books.

If you want a copy, I can send you a copy for $20 + $5 postage (total: $25 each). You can either send a check with order, or use PayPal at the "Make a Donation" button on the lower right side of my home page, and then send me an email requesting a copy, along with an address.

This book begins with my records in November 1981 and ends in October 2008. My web logs did not cover a lot of the material from 1981-1993, so this will put it all together into a single volume. Each chapter is dated as well, and it is broken up into 50 chapters to make it easy to find information.

I started writing this book back in 2001, but never finished it until now. One day as I was writing, the telephone rang, and after talking, it was time to go home for the day. I had stopped in the middle of a sentence and did not begin writing it again for seven years. Now it is finally completed.

Of course, a book of this nature never really ends, even as it never really has a beginning. People have been involved in spiritual warfare for thousands of years. The problem is that most of them did not document their accomplishments, so it was left to later generations to re-learn all those lost lessons. I have been determined not to let that happen in my generation. I can only write the things that I know personally, of course, but at least I can see to it that this much is recorded.

I have come a long way since 1981 when the Lord first apprehended me for intercession and spiritual warfare. I did not even dare to begin teaching this until 1985. And even then, my training period, as the Lord told me in June 1982, was twelve years (from November 1981 to November 1993). Finally, in 1993 I was called to issue a "call to arms" in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign (Nov. 21-29, 1993) for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon.

This was followed by a 13-year time of warfare, ending October 7, 2006 when it was pronounced in Babylon, NY, "IT IS DONE." Since then we have monitored the collapse of Mystery Babylon, particularly in view of the financial system, because we recognized years ago that the Euphrates River represented "liquidity" of Babylon. That is, money.

No doubt in a few years it will be necessary to write Book II when we know the details about how that great CITI fell. Book I essentially brings us up to the beginning of the Elijah ministry as well, which is the work that must be done during the economic crisis, that is comparable to Elijah's ministry during the 3-year drought in Israel during the reign of King Ahab.

In my view, this is a very important book, perhaps the most important one to date. The Wars of the Lord is a practical application of all the biblical teaching that I have published over the years. It isapplied doctrine. It is not doctrine for the sake of doctrine. It shows the purpose of teaching or knowledge. It applies the knowledge of Scripture, history, numbers, and signs of the times in a practical, real way, so that we can understand and participate in world events.

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