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New Agreement "Allows" us to Stay 3 more years in Iraq

Nov 17, 2008

The US signed a pact with the Iraqi president that "allows" us to remain in Iraq for another 3 years.

This is not exactly big news, but it does point out an important detail that most people probably will miss. One would think we would be negotiating on how to GET OUT of Iraq as quickly as possible. Instead, we are negotiating with Iraq about how much LONGER we can remain there with their approval.

If the Iraqi government prefers that we leave, why are we pushing them for an agreement to stay longer? Is it perhaps because we have no intention of leaving voluntarily? Certainly it means we don't want to leave unless we have to.

This subtle attitude shows how political speeches tell alot of "untruths." An untruth is a politically acceptable form of lying that assuages the conscience without having to conform to actual truth.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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