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Chips Ahoy--A Correction

Nov 18, 2008

Israeli Citizens to Receive RFID Chips in the Hand?

By now, perhaps many of you may have already received an email from Aviad Cohen telling you that Israel has recently passed a law that is going to soon make it mandatory that all Israelis must receive an RFID chip implant in their hand. Aviad was merely passing along to you some alleged information that was initially published on Friday November 14, 2008 in the Israeli Hebrew edition Newspaper Maariv in their End of the Week Review of stories (Sof Shavua). 

I met with Aviad personally to discuss the matter that he presented to the public and to also have a physical look at the article in the paper. Also, Dina studied it. The gist of the 5 page article, as it appears in the Hebrew edition of the paper is this: the story is in fact about a new regulation that is going to require that RFID chips be carried by Israelis; however, the chip will be put into our Israeli National ID, NOT IMPLANTED INTO THE HAND. Aviad misunderstood the information in the article and he feels very bad about circulating his original story and deeply apologizes for creating such a stir. It was an innocent oversight on his part and he wants everyone to know that he will try to be more careful the next time. 

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