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Another Strange 666 Coincidence on Nov. 5

Nov 12, 2008

A reader sent me an email to tell me this:

"I find it such a coincidence that on Nov.5  the numbers 666 appeared in the retail store where I work, all day long. I would check our check machine, and credit card machine at different times during the day to make sure we were balanced. Each time I would check, the numbers on the machines would be $666.66, $666.00 or $66.60, one woman's check total was $66.66 (which freaked her out). I thought all day long, this was not a coincidence, this has never happed before, I knew this had to mean something. Then I read your article about the lottery, and winning # 666, the same day as the numbers 666 kept coming up in the store. The American Express total for the day was $66.60."

It appears that the 666 on Nov. 5 has significant financial meaning. The primary focus appears to be NOT on Obama himself, but upon the financial system. Yet the fact that these things occurred on Nov. 5 does give this an Obama connection, perhaps reflecting the nature of his new financial advisors' monetary policies yet to come.

Keep in mind also that it was 666 years from the time that the temple vessels were taken to Babylon (597 B.C.) to the time when the temple vessels were taken to Rome (70 A.D.). Both cases involved the overthrow of the city and temple in Jerusalem. Perhaps the 666 on November 5 is a sign of a repeat performance that is soon to come.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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