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America in the Next Few Years

Nov 26, 2008

It now appears certain that the "powers-that-think-they-be" have decided to shift their power base from America to other parts of the world. In doing so, they have decided to bring down much of the world economy, in order to prepare for a system of more complete control than has ever been seen on earth before.

What they do not know, as they head for the cliff, is that God has cut their brake lines, and when they try to use them, they will find the whole thing out of control. In addition, it is my belief that we will see the manifestation of the sons of God some time soon, and that this will totally disrupt their plan for world domination.

The time of Babylon is over. They were given their 2,520 years (or 7 "times") of world domination, and they are now being held accountable for their refusal to declare the Jubilee and set the earth free. The fifth kingdom made of Stone is now in the process of crushing the feet of this image, and God is using these same Babylonian leaders to do it. 

The situation is not unlike the days of Gideon. A cake of barley has tumbled into the camp of the opposing army and has overthrown the tent (Judges 7:13). Verse 22 tells us:

"And when they blew 300 trumpets, the Lord set the sword of one against another even throughout the whole army."

God weeded down Gideon's army to a mere 300, in order that the people would know that God was doing it, and not the arm of flesh. God's tactic was to get the enemy fighting among themselves in confusion. I believe that this is what is happening today. The money powers think they are really smart, when in fact they are divinely confused into thinking that they can destroy their own army and their own monetary system in order to win the war.

God does not need a lot of revolutionaries, nor does He need people with weapons to do the job. In fact, He specifically avoids that kind of conflict. In the story of Gideon, there is no record of any casualties on the side of Gideon's army. If we do it His way, all 300 emerge from battle with no wounds. This speaks of spiritual warfare and doing it His way.

If you are not familiar with Lindsey Williams, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with his story. His background as chaplain in the oil fields of Alaska, and being asked to sit on the board of the oil companies, can be seen on video where he tells his story:


On June 9, 2008 he was on the Alex Jones radio program, where he told how he had received a telephone call from a big oil man, telling him that if he did not stop revealing certain things that were secret, he and his family would be killed.


He asked the oil executive what he could and could not say, and an agreement was worked out. But among the things he could reveal was the fact that oil prices were going to drop to $50/barrel. On June 9, of course, the prices were still rising, and they did not peak until late July at $147/barrel. At that point, the oil prices began to drop.

On November 20 the price finally closed at about $48/barrel, closing below $50 for the first time since the price hike. Lindsey Williams then spoke on the Alex Jones radio program the next day. You can listen to this half-hour radio conversation at:


In this conversation, he reminds us of what the oil executive said last June. He said that the drop in oil price was an act of war against the Arab countries and Venezuela. Those countries have gotten used to the more generous budget, and so when the prices drop by 2/3, it will bankrupt them. This will cause unrest and revolution, and (he says) the plan is to bring them back to the previous times where they rode camels in the desert.

He relates that the drop in oil prices will seem good for American consumers for 6-12 months. So he says to make that trip to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Enjoy life while you can, because in the latter half of next year, things could really get bad economically. When these nations have no money to buy our debt, the government will borrow it from the Fed, and create trillions more dollars--which other countries will repudiate. When that happens, it will be comparable to Germany in the late 1920's (or to Zimbabwe today).

The good news is that we will probably be able to pay off our old debts in worthless dollars. The bad news is that no one will want to sell anything for worthless dollars, and so store shelves could become bare. Especially if we don't import stuff any more. We don't know how much we import until those imports cease.

One thing he said that I found rather curious. . . Last June, Williams asked the oil executive about going back into pastoral ministry. The oil exec encouraged him to do so, but also mentioned that he should go to the mission field (as a missionary). While this did not appear to make a big impression on him at first, he got to thinking about it and now suspects that it was a hint that he would be better off leaving the country.

It has been my view that the Elijah Ministry would begin next April 12 on the wave-sheaf offering at the Manassas, Virginia conference. Recall that John the Baptist began his ministry at the time of Passover, and that the Jews traditionally set a place at the table for "Elijah" at Passover. This anticipated his "coming" (Mal. 4:5) at Passover. And, of course, Elijah did come in the person of John the Baptist.

Both Elijah and John did not complete their ministries. Both were cut short. I believe that the Elijah company today will complete that ministry of preparing the way for Christ's return. It looks to me like this will begin on April 12, 2009. It may be a 3-1/2 year ministry to October 2012. We will see.

According to my own revelation, the Elijah Ministry brings the Open Door Ministry, which is a mission to the other parts of the world carrying the Gospel of the Kingdom. My trip last September to South Africa was a "scouting trip" but next year will probably see the actual Open Door Ministry beginning. Perhaps I will be taking the advice of the oil executive and leave the country about 6 months after the price of oil fell below $50/barrel.

I suppose if Caiaphas could prophesy, and King Nebuchadnezzar could receive prophetic dreams from God, it would be no problem for God to speak through an oil executive. The picture of the future is yet dim, but it is clear enough that we should prepare our hearts for an "Elijah drought" for the next few years. I may even have to play the role as a type of Elijah and leave the country during that time to minister to the "Phoenicians." We will see.

Meanwhile, it is imperative that you all draw near to God and trust Him in all things. Your personal relationship with Christ will prove to be your most valuable asset in the days ahead. The second most valuable thing will be to know His will for the earth and what He is doing in the midst of the collapse of Babylon. That will give you hope, when many others will be frightened.

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