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Alan Keyes Files Suit on Obama's Birthplace

Nov 15, 2008

It appears that the question of Obama's birthplace is not going away. In fact, continues to grow because he has not simply stepped forward and made his birth certificate available for inspection. Obama's supporters are simply resorting to name-calling, saying that the lawsuits are "garbage."

One would think that since he claimed in his book to have such a birth certificate in his possession, it would be a simple matter to lay this whole issue to rest. The fact that he has not done this simple act simply spawns a lot of suspicion that he cannot, in fact, present a valid birth certificate from Hawaii with the hospital name and the doctor's signature on it.

There is now litigation in 7 states to prevent their electoral votes from being cast until such time as Obama proves that he really was born in Hawaii, as he has claimed. More states have such lawsuits in the works. If this situation does not go away soon, it could turn into a politically nuclear incident.


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