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Thursday is a Financial D-Day

Oct 07, 2008

Thursday is the Day of Atonement this year (Oct. 9). I have been interested in seeing what might happen on this day, since it is the second biblical feast day (after Trumpets), and it correlates to Elijah's showdown with the prophets of Baal. (See Laws of the Second Coming, chapter 6.)

So it is interesting that in the area of finance, this is an important day to watch. See:


"So Thursday is D-Day, where 'D' is for 'derivatives.'

"If there are a lot of Lehman CDS out there, and if the auction price comes in high, it could greatly exacerbate the global economic crisis no matter what Bernanke and Paulson do. On the other hand, if there aren't that many CDS out there, or if the price comes in lower than people expect, it would be a huge sign of stability in the CDS market that could reassure financial institutions and investors worldwide, which could 'free up liquidity' and help avert a depression (no matter what Bernanke and Paulson do)."

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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