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The Elijah Prayer--Oct. 13-20

Oct 12, 2008

I am back on the road again, currently in Atlanta on my way to Florida. I will be away from the office for nearly 3 weeks. I should have some time to do web logs and even to answer some emails from time to time, since I have my laptop with me. But some days will be filled either with travel or visiting people.

Thursday, October 9, was the Day of Atonement, called "D-Day" in an earlier blog. The Dow dropped another 679 points in a single day, on top of other losses for 8 days straight. The market is now down from over 14,000 a year ago to 8451 as of this past Friday. Now the government is thinking about "taking over" the banks. I think it should be thought of as a possible reverse takeover.

Actually, the stock market is so manipulated that it does not necessarily represent the real condition of the economy. Up to this point, though, I think the financial wizards have been trying to prop up the system by soothing words, and Wall Street tries to believe what they hear; but in the end, they realize that the soothing words are all wishful thinking. In the 1929 crash, government officials were offering soothing words up to the day of the crash--and afterward as well. After all, people demand "hope" from their leaders, not truth.

The true "hope" is the fact that God is not going to allow the little people of the world to continue to be enslaved by this Babylonian system, which is designed to flow money to the top people and keep the majority poor. The Kingdom of God is replacing Babylon even now, and though this may take some time to accomplish, it will surely come. That is our true hope, and it is also the truth.

Those who have learned to live by faith and to be led by the Spirit will come through this better than most. Such people are in the minority.

In the midst of any financial turmoil, there are always success stories. A "crash" does not affect everyone negatively. I think the present crash will be the same.

In Elijah's day, the drought lasted 3 1/2 years while he was in hiding. After the showdown with the prophets of Baal, he prayed for rain 7 days (Feast of Tabernacles), and the rain broke the drought. Drought in those days meant economic disaster. So I believe that after the Feast of Tabernacles this year we could see some "rain" in the forecast.

During the 7 days of Tabernacles this year (Oct. 13-20), I will be offering up a prayer for "rain" each day. Those of you who wish to join me in this prayer are invited to do so. Just call it "The Elijah Prayer." It does not require great effort or sweat or long prayer. It should, however, be a prayer of faith, knowing that God will answer this prayer. The prayer should be a petition that God will provide His people with all that they need to carry on the work of the Kingdom.

God knows what each person needs even before we ask, and each person's need is different. So the official prayer itself does not need to carry specifics, unless you wish to include some of your own personal needs. And, of course, you might include our ministry in your prayer as well. We have not seen any particular drop in contributions, but the need is great for the huge work that is ahead of us. I appreciate very much all of you who have supported this ministry, some of you for many years. But I believe the time has now come when the Lord will intervene in a new way that goes beyond your natural ability to provide. So when you pray for provision for this ministry, please don't think that I expect you to sacrifice further. On the contrary, pray that God will intervene in a more direct and miraculous way, as only He can do.

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