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Oil as a Weapon of War

Sep 02, 2008

Here are three short videos, each about 8-9 minutes long where Lindsey Williams tells about a telephone call he received from someone high up in an oil company. He says that the oil companies intend to bring the price of oil back down to $50 a barrel as an act of war against the Middle East, particularly against Iran--because it is not possible for President Bush to attack them militarily.

Such an act, it is said, would be much like an average person getting a 60% wage cut. It's pretty hard to adjust one's standard of living so quickly. The oil-producing nations will suddenly have to take money out of the banks in order to spend it in place of oil revenue. They will spend the US DOLLARS that they have been holding, which so far has kept the dollar propped up. This dumping of dollars will crash the dollar.

I don't know if the oil man was telling the truth or feeding him disinformation. I suspect it could well be true. Watch it for yourself.


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