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News from South Africa

Sep 23, 2008

I finally got a little time at an Internet shop in Paarl to write a few words and give you a brief report.

I had a week's worth of meetings near Capetown the first week. In the morning sessions there were about 35 people attending, and the evening sessions saw well over 100. There were many speakers from around the world, and I was given opportunity to speak 3 times. My teaching was quite different, of course, and I made some key contacts from pastors who have been searching for solid teaching but have been unable to find it.

From that conference, I spoke in various other churches once apiece. Then I was moved to Paarl about an hour's drive from Capetown. The name means "Pearl." Last week end I had opportunity to speak three times again, and another pastor from Holland spoke once.

I undestand now that my primary purpose here is to lay foundations in the Word for a few key people who can become leaders in a future time of spiritual warfare that will apply specifically to South Africa. They must first learn the Word, before they can apply it in spiritual warfare.

This is a scouting trip to find those key people. I have also met some key people from other nations as well who will probably become the leaders who are knowledgeable enough to do the warfare in their own countries. But that is for a time ahead. My prime focus right now is on South Africa.

Tomorrow I will be driven to Port Elizabeth area, which is a good 8-10 hours' drive. We will be having a conference there from Thursday evening through Sunday night. Then on Monday I will fly from there back to Capetown, where I can catch my connecting flight home.

I have been very encouraged by this trip and only wish that my wife could have come with me this time. I know she will come next time. I really need her in order to discern the word of the Lord.

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