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The New Net of Prayer

Aug 12, 2008

The Church rejected the call to prayer and intercession from 1981-1986, so God separated the overcomers in 1985. This way the overcomers would not be implicated by the decision of the Church.

Caleb and Joshua ran into the same problem many years ago, and they had to remain in the wilderness with the rest of the people for another 38 years--even though they had the faith to enter the Kingdom.

The same parallel situation has occurred for the past 40 Jubilees of Church history. The Church under Pentecost did not have a Tabernacles faith to enter the Kingdom, and the overcomers had to abide by that decision. But this time the Father changed things by separating the two bodies of people. Since the overcomers were "barley" and the Church was "wheat," God finally implemented the plan as revealed by His law in Deut. 22:9,

"You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest all the produce of the seed which you have sown, and the increase of the vineyard become defiled."

The "two kinds of seed" in this case is barley and wheat, which God had put in His own "vineyard." Likewise, we read another law in verse 10,

"You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together."

As I showed in my book, The Wheat and Asses of Pentecost, the donkey is one of the prime symbols of Pentecost, while an ox is an overcomer. These laws are prophetic, because they give us the divine plan of action. In this case it was inevitable that at some point God would invoke His laws above in order to prevent the defilement of the vineyard--the barley company in particular.

I recall those early days from 1981-1986 how we were bound by "Church decision" and how we could never declare victory, even though we could win every spiritual battle the Father allowed us to fight. It was a never-ending source of frustration to us. It was only later that I began to understand why "Church decision" could never be overcome or overruled. It was because the Church was a manifestation of King Saul, who did not "die" until 1993 when his allotted 40 Jubilees were completed.

Yet God separated the barley from the wheat and then began to personally train the overcomers to do the work that the Church had refused to do. This was a ten-year work, at least in its first main phase. Whereas the Church had been called from 1981-1986, the overcomers were called from 1991-1996.

God raised up the Net of Prayer to call the Church from 1981-1986. God raised up the NEW Net of Prayer to call the overcomers from 1991-1996. In both cases, a cross-section of people manifested the heart decision of the whole body, because it was not possible for every individual to cast his "vote."

This New Net of Prayer had been prophesied in July 1986 when the Lord gave the word for me to leave the Net of Prayer. My refusal to leave at that time put me into 3 x 414 days of "further training" from Sept. 2, 1986 to January 27, 1990. At the end of this time period, God brought me out of "Egypt" (i.e., Memphis, TN) and gave me a job in Leachville, Arkansas. We physically moved to Rt. 2, Box 76, Leachville on Jan. 27, 1990.

If you have done your reading, you know that the number 76 is the factor bringing a person from Cursed Time (414) to Blessed Time (490). 414 + 76 = 490.

This move allowed me to begin preparing for the work of the New Net of Prayer ahead, though at the time I did not realize this. But a year later, in February 1991, I went to a meeting where Lalo Cadona was teaching about Cursed Time and Blessed Time, and this began to open my eyes. In April I made a trip to Alturas, CA and spent a week with him, taking copious notes, to learn all that God had shown him. Then I returned home to study this more carefully and to try to verify things by history books at the University library.

Well, I found a few discrepancies which I corrected, and when I did, the present chronological chart fell into place. It can be seen at the back of Secrets of Time. I finished this chronological study by the end of May 1991.

Then on May 28, 1991, the Father called me to travel to Batesville, AR for a meeting with the brethren. That morning, as I awoke, the Lord said, "Study the laws of devotion." I looked at those laws, but got no particular revelation. The Hebrew word for "devotion" was from the word haram, which had a double meaning--devotion and net. It was translated "net" in Micah 7:2. This puzzled me, and I came to a dead end.

So I got in the car and began driving to Batesville. On the way the Lord spoke to me, "Call the New Net of Prayer to prayer." Then I made the connection and realized that the 1986 revelation was to be established. In Batesville, AR we agreed in prayer to establish prophetically the New Net of Prayer. It was the body of "devoted ones," those devoted to God.

I then came to understand Jesus' words in John 10:27-29, best read from The Emphatic Diaglott:

" (27) My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; (28) and I give themaionian life; and they shall by no means perish to The Age, and no one shall wrest them out of My hand. (29) My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to wrest them out of the Father's hand."

 Essentially, Jesus was telling us that His sheep are the devoted ones. When something was lawfully "devoted" to God, it could not revert back to its original owner--not even in the year of Jubilee. This is true of both land (Lev. 27:20) and people (Lev. 27:26, 29). In His statement in John 10, Jesus was referring to this particular law of devotion, saying that these "sheep" were devoted to Him, and no one would ever be able to take them away from Him.

This is the revelation of May 28, 1991. You might say that it was a "key" revelation, because May 28 is 5-28, and 528 is the numeric value of the Hebrew word for "key." Maphteach is spelled mem(40), pey (80), tav (400), and chet (8). Adding these together gives you the numeric value of the word for "key," and it totals 528.

Of course, I did not know this at the time. All I knew was that it was a very important revelation.

Thus, May 28, 1991 established the New Net of Prayer according to the prophetic word given in July 1986. It took nearly five years to see its fulfillment, but it did come to pass. Two years later, on May 30, 1993, "King Saul died" and the authority of the Kingdom began to pass to the company of overcomers representing King David.

Within two months we were given revelation to call people to spiritual warfare. The Jubilee Prayer Campaign was thus set for Nov. 21-29, 1993. This began a seven-year period of warfare that ended Nov. 29, 2000. And during that seven-year period, we were led to declare the Jubilee on Sept. 23, 1996. It was ten years "late," but because of the so-called Hezekiah Factor, God turned the clock back ten years to 1986 so that it would be on time from God's perspective.

The Jubilee Prayer Campaign was our "Jericho march" around Babylon and correlated with the 7 Trumpets. Then from 2000-2007 we entered the time of the 7 bowls which correlated with the seventh-day marches around Jericho. And this brings us to the present-day overthrow of the modern Babylonian empire, of which Jericho was a type.

I do not normally use the prophetic term "New Net of Prayer," but that is how it was worded in 1986 and again in 1991. God used the term to show the connection with the original call to the Church from 1981-1986 and also to distinguish the overcomers from the Church.

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