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The Jubilee Prayer Campaign

Aug 13, 2008

When I first began to hear the Lord's voice in June of 1982, one of the first things revealed to me was that I was on a 12-year training mission. The Lord likened it to Joseph's time in the dungeon of Egypt from the age of 18 -30. This time actually had begun on Nov. 12, 1981 when I first joined the Net of Prayer and got caught up in their first spiritual battle without realizing it.

My 12-year training was completed on Nov. 12, 1993, and nine days later the New Net of Prayer engaged in its first spiritual battle known as the Jubilee Prayer Campaign. By this time we had moved from Leachville, Arkansas to Lynnwood, Washington.

Looking back at this time, I find it interesting that I was called to "call the new Net of Prayer to prayer" in July of 1986, but if I had actually heeded this word at the time, I would have done it long before 1993. It is a classic case where we can see the difference between God's will (thelema) and God's plan (boulema). It is similar to the time when Israel was supposed to enter the land of Canaan at the time the 12 spies gave their report. It was the will of God that they enter Canaan at that time, but because Canaan's Cursed Time period was not yet completed, it was not the divine plan that Israel should fulfill God's will.

Canaan's Cursed Time period from the year of Noah's curse in Genesis 9 was not completed until 38 years later. And so God's plan called for Israel to enter Canaan 38 years later, at which time the Canaanites were judged according to Noah's curse.

So also was it with me. It was God's will that I call the new Net of Prayer to prayer in 1986, but the 12-year training period made this impossible until 1993. Thus, in 1986 I refused to fulfill that divine call, and God used that disobedience to bring me into a more intense time of training, otherwise known as "Cursed Time." This extra training was needed in order to do what needed to be done in 1993.

I am always amazed at the complexity of the mind of God and astounded at how the divine will and plan work in concert, even though they often appear to contradict each other. When we violate the will of God, we must repent and renew our minds--that is, our minds must change to conform to His will. Yet at the same time, we must also recognize that even our disobedience was taken into account in the divine plan. Recognizing this makes it easier for us to forgive ourselves and thereby to accept God's love and forgiveness as well. Not knowing this often makes it difficult for people to find restoration and get on with their lives, for they needlessly wallow in guilt long after the lesson has been learned.

When we finally engaged in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to win the battle. I had assumed that we would have difficulty, since that was what I was used to seeing in the previous battles of the Net of Prayer. But I came to see that the victory was based upon the fact that we were no longer dependent upon "Church decision" to decide the outcome. King Saul had "died" on May 30, 1993, and we were now operating under the authority of King David (i.e., the overcomers).

I also discovered that the warfare was not really to be viewed as a pitched battle on a battlefield, but rather as a "court battle." As such, having a perfect Judge who judged by a perfect Law, the only relevant matter was to know which side of the law one was on. The Judge would not be swayed by the multitude, for Ex. 23:2 and 3 says,

" (2) You shall not follow a multitude in doing evil, nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice, (3) nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his dispute."

These laws reveal the mind of God in His instructions to judges. God judges by His righteous Law, and the number of people advocating their side in a dispute is irrelevant. For this reason, it would not make any difference if the entire Church or the entire world appealed to the Divine Court to get their way. A single overcomer led by the Spirit can easily win the case.

The Jubilee Prayer Campaign was a court case in which the overcomers appealed for Babylon's authority over the earth to be ended. It had ruled since the days of Jeremiah and Daniel in an extended succession of empires. In modern times, it had ruled since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, passed on Dec. 23, 1913 and signed by President Wilson in February of 1914. It had been 80 years (in 1993).

This was a 70-year captivity with a 10-year extension given through the Hezekiah Factor on account of the Church's refusal to pray from 1981-1986 and to declare the Jubilee in 1986. Technically, Babylon's 70-year authority might have ended in 1983--and, indeed, back then I thought this would happen, for I did not yet know the bigger picture. Only later did it become clear that the Church was King Saul, and that Saul had authority to make this decision as to whether or not to retain the debts brought on by Babylon or to declare a Jubilee.

The Net of Prayer did what it could to fight Saul's battles for him (as David had done in biblical days). They engaged in intercession for Saul, but to no avail. Saul was a Pentecostal, and had no vision of Tabernacles. The divine plan makes it clear that Pentecost cannot and will not establish the Kingdom of God or bring forth the sons of God.

The Jubilee Prayer Campaign was the overcomers' day in Court, not only to remove Babylon's authority, but also to transfer this authority to the overcomers. Now that Saul was dead, having "died" six months earlier on May 30, 1993, the overcomers were finally in a position to begin moving into their calling as "King David." This, of course, involved a 7 1/2 year transition according to the pattern of 2 Sam. 5:5, which would end on Nov. 29/30 of the year 2000.

This transfer of authority was actually the right to bring forth the sons of God. It is a much bigger issue than most people realize. It involves the birthright itself. To really understand it, one must know the entire history of the birthright and the struggle between Jacob and Esau to obtain it. The birthright is not only the right to rule, but is also the right of Sonship. These are the two essential elements of the birthright, which I described in my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

Jacob had obtained the birthright from Esau in an unlawful manner, but he had succeeded in getting it while he was yet carnally minded. His descendants carried it on until the captivities of Israel and Judah when God transferred this authority over the earth to Babylon and its successors. Babylon thus became the entity responsible to bring forth the Kingdom and the sons of God. Of course, we know that this would be impossible, for carnally minded men could never fulfill such an obligation. Hence, the birthright would become a curse to Babylon, for they had an obligation to do what they could never do.

The final transfer of authority under carnally minded men came in 1947-1948, when King Saul ruled in favor of the Israeli State. This essentially gave the birthright to the Zionists for 46 years--the time it took to build Herod's temple (John 2:20). This transfer fulfilled two types, as I have shown in earlier writings. The first was to give the birthright back to Esau who had lost it to Jacob in an unlawful manner. The second was the fact that Esau had killed Nimrod and had stolen his Adamic garments, thus usurping the authority of Babylon.

Both types were fulfilled when the U.N. passed the Palestinian Resolution on Nov. 29, 1947. Precisely 46 years later, the Jubilee Prayer Campaign put an end to their "chosen time."

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