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Russia Destroys or Captures U.S. and Israeli Military Equipment in Georgia

Aug 21, 2008

In the past seven years, American and Israel has been turning Georgia into a military base, apparently expecting to use it in an attack against Iran.

That dream has been dashed, and now the Israeli and American military is angry that Russia has captured sensitive secrets, particularly of the Israeli drones that had been sent to Georgia.


The Russians have been systematically destroying the Georgian military equipment along with its base on the Black Sea--whatever the Russians can't use or carry off for further study.

This is a military disaster for the American and Israeli military, but it looks like it will also serve to STOP A MISSILE STRIKE AGAINST IRAN. That, at least, is the silver lining. It takes a long time to plan a war, and with the fall of Georgia, the U.S. and Israelis will no longer be able to use it as their prime military base.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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