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Operation Brimstone and its Effects

Aug 11, 2008

Now that Operation Brimstone has been completed the end of July, in which naval warships from the USA and some European countries practiced a blockade against Iran, it appears that we are now entering into the final preparation stages for an attack on Iran. They seem to have decided to blockade Iran's importation of benzene as a way of crippling its economy.

This reminds me a lot of World War II, where Roosevelt's policy was to blockade Japan's importation of oil, forcing it to attack us at Pearl Harbor. This is detailed in the Oct. 7, 1940 memo from Lieut. Commander Arthur McCollum of Naval Intelligence. It was an 8-step plan to provoke Japan into attacking the U.S., and it was followed to the letter. Once they attacked, we could blame them for starting the war. No matter that we provoked it.

The FBI had succeeded in breaking the Japanese codes on October 21, 1940, and the latest decoding techniques were sent to Hawaii. They were put on the slowest boat to Hawaii that the Navy had, and they arrived after Pearl Harbor was attacked. So Admiral Kimmel was the only one of the top military brass to be kept in the dark about the coming attack. The information arrived in Hawaii on December 16, 1941, the day that Admiral Kimmel was fired. You can read all about it in Robert Stinnett's book, Day of Deceit, published in the year 2000. 

The plan worked so well against Japan that apparently some of our government officials think it will work against Iran as well. Operation Brimstone sounds rather ominous--nuclear, in fact. Perhaps it has been decided to send a few Iranian people to "hell."


It appears that this conflict in Georgia is the opening round of the war to come. The fact that it came on 8-8-8 is interesting and may prove to be an important time marker, depending on how this develops.

Back in 1992 the province of South Ossetia, populated largely by ethnic Russians, broke away from the country of Georgia and became independent. For all practical purposes, S. Ossetia has become a part of Russia, since most of the citizens now carry Russian passports, because no other country will recognize S. Ossetia as a sovereign nation.

The US and Israel succeeded in putting their man in power in Georgia and then began training their military for this recent invasion. President Saakashvili is financially backed by George Soros and other Jews, and the Israelis have an interest in him as well.

The Russian government warned Georgia not to invade S. Ossetia, but after Condi Rice made a quick trip to Georgia, the joint US-Israeli plan was put into motion and Georgia invaded S. Ossetia. The Russians, of course, struck back to defend the Russian people. That seems to make them the "bad guys," according to the news media. From the Georgian point of view, they are trying to put down a revolt. From the Russian point of view, they are trying to stop an invasion from Georgia.

In the background is the fact that the oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea region goes through Georgia. The Israelis want to stop sending the oil through the Russian pipeline and link it instead to the Turkish pipeline, which can then bring the oil to Ashkelon in Israel on its way to Ezion Geber to send it out by the Red Sea. US and Israeli companies are heavily invested in that project. Follow the money trail. Money provides the real motivations behind the scenes, while the news media reports what government officials tell them for public consumption.

There are many military men who do not want a war with Iran. Others want it because they have believed lies or have received limited information to motivate them into supporting such a war. But it looks like the warmongers are winning and will get their way. Personally, I think God is ensuring that this will happen, as part of the divine plan for the overthrow of Babylon at the hands of Persia. Even so, we should pray that the negative effects of divine judgment upon innocent people will be minimized and that God will have mercy upon us, because we are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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