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Final Thoughts on 2010

Aug 01, 2008

Now that I have given some prophetic background of the year 2010, it might be helpful to step back and look at the year from this new perspective. Combining prophecy with the political trends that we see today may not be an exact science, but it can be useful.

First, it is most important to note that two things are happening at the same time--one positive, and one negative. The positive side is about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I don't know that I can say more about that than I already did. As for the negative side, God is in the process of overthrowing Mystery Babylon. This can be a bit more complex.

In any kind of deliverance, God normally overthrows the enemy after He has first exposed it. He does this in order to teach us something and open our eyes to its true nature. Ultimately, He is showing us that this oppressor itself is the consequence of sin, that is, of casting aside His law. The stark reality is that those who teach lawlessness attribute bondage to keeping the divine law, rather than to its violation. They do not understand that when men cast aside the law, they automatically replace it with their own traditions of men, which inevitably put men into bondage. James speaks of the divine law as "the perfect law of liberty," and the law itself tells us that its keeping will bring blessing.

It seems to me that from 2007-2010 we are coming to some sort of climactic period in which the ugly head of Babylon will become apparent to all. That is, it will move from a "mystery" (secret, hidden) into the light of exposure. That will be the point where the people realize their sin and pray for deliverance. The Babylonians will be caught because they think at that point it will be too late to stop them. They will hold all the power, all the guns, all the tools of oppression. Their downfall will be their arrogance and overconfidence, not realizing that God has deliberately brought them to this place in order to overthrow them.

Yet this seems to indicate (to me) that between now and then things will get worse before they get better. I anticipate that conditions will get as bad as it takes to cause national repentance. The situation will have to become as hopeless as Israel's situation at the Red Sea. The overcomers will live by faith in this time, while the rest of the people, including most of the Church, will react in fear.

It is quite possible that the Babylonian power brokers today are also making preparations to celebrate their power in the year 2010. This year comes at the time of "The Feast of the Beast," which is a year-long festival that the top Illuminati hold every 28 years.


That last one was held in 1982, the year in which God called me out into the wilderness for further training. See my testimony in chapter 3 of Hearing God's Voice. I am pondering the coincidence. The year 1982 was quite a rigorous time of spiritual training for me. Was its purpose to prepare us for the year 2010? Hmm.

There are people speculating that we may not even have an election this year, in spite of all the electioneering going on right now. Events may be engineered to give an excuse to call off elections and to declare a national emergency. It seems that the laws are now in place that would support a full dictatorship. The laws of habeas corpus have been effectively nullified, allowing the government to round up any citizens it deems a "threat," and to hold them without trial and without representation, much like those now in Guantanamo.

This is the kind of thing that our government has criticized other nations for doing. Now it is a very real possibility right here. My advice? Do as Jesus said, "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." Don't do what many say to do: "Be wise as doves and harmless as serpents." Speak the truth in love, have faith that God is working out His plan in all of these things, and walk in the hope(expectation) that all things will work together for good.

It may be that the "siege of Samaria" is being manifested today in the overthrow of Washington D.C. from 2007-2010. I realize that the Babylonians have already been ruling in D.C. for the past century, but they have always wanted to be able to do it openly, rather than in secret. That comes from human pride and the need for recognition. This may well coincide with a new power, perhaps carnal, that God could use to overthrow them, even as He used the Medes and Persians to do His will in Daniel 5.

In the article, whose link I gave earlier, we learn that the year 1618 was a very important "Feast of the Beast." That is 390 years ago now. I do not know what they did back then, but I do know that God did something quite significant by sending the Pilgrims to Plymouth in the year 1620. I have no doubt that God is working today as well to counter anything that the Babylonians may do. And there is nothing they can do about it, except try to outsmart God in a big chess game of world history. Lots of luck!

I also look at the prophetic story of Gideon and wonder how that may play out in modern history. In Judges 7:19, 20 the 300 overcomers blew their trumpets (feast of Trumpets), broke their earthen vessels (Day of Atonement), and allowed their lights to shine (Feast of Tabernacles). This type of spiritual warfare caused their oppressors to fight among themselves (Judg. 7:22). This is how a mere 300 could overcome three vast armies--with no casualties.

Even now we are seeing the Babylonians fighting among themselves. Those supporting the dollar are fighting those supporting the euro. There is a great monetary war going on even now. These people are anything but united. There is no true love or unity among them. There is only competition between those seeking more power in their government. I believe that this is their fatal weakness, which God will exploit at the proper time.

Regardless of how this all works out, the outcome has already been secured. In the final analysis, it does not matter if we understand the divine plan or not. It will happen anyway. However, God does reveal enough to a few in order to raise up a "Gideon's Army" to engage in spiritual warfare and be conscious of the divine plan. That, I believe, is what God has been doing with us. Most of the battles have been fought without public notice and with relative secrecy. Only in the past couple years have I posted such things online for a wider audience. (Note late June of 2006, for example.)

You see, in the end it does not matter how many are consciously aware of the battle. Their spirits fight with us in the heavens. They often are aware of the battle going on, because many of these spiritual events are reflected in their own lives. The vast majority of the people involved in this warfare are only dimly aware of their role in it, but we are in God's army, and this does not require membership in any earthly organization. Part of my calling is to help make you aware spiritually, so that you can better understand the events in your own life, as well as the conditions around you.

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