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Burning Bush Online Bible School (Update)

Aug 13, 2008

When Bob Burgess died last March, we had to figure out what to do with the Burning Bush School. Others have stepped up to the plate and have volunteered to help out, so we are now ready to take on new students once again. I am grateful to Ruth Burgess, Paul Andree, and others who have worked hard to get back on track. Here is a "relaunch letter" from Paul Andree . . . .

Hello Friends, 

We at Burning Bush are announcing the relaunch of our online Bible school and our Correspondence school. 

Some of you may not be aware of the death of Robert Burgess while on a mission trip to Africa. Robert, in collaboration with Dr Stephen Jones, began Burning Bush over 1 1/2 years ago. We honor his legacy with this relaunch. Also, we will be combining all three of Robert's websites under the Burning Bush heading in the near future. 

Ruth Burgess is continuing the Correspondence School and can be reached at: godsservant7@yahoo.com 
This program centers around ministry to those in jail or prison, but also reaches out to those who do not have a computer, or those who are in Third World nations. We do not charge the inmates for this program. 

We would appreciate your support and donations to defray the costs of printing and mailing of these materials. Anyone may contribute towards 'scholarships' to help support this program. 

My name is Paul Andree and I am administering the Online Bible School and can be reached at:pandree@netmender.net 
Either one of us can be reached through the website. 

The address of the site is:  http://www.burning-bush-institute.net 

The school is not State accredited and the tests are open-book tests. Our interest is in introducing you to Dr Stephen Jones' teachings and materials. We are most interested in you learning and being changed by the subject matter. 

We currently have 2 full years of courses ready and available, and are working on the 3rd year now. Tests can be completed online. This is a self-paced program, for your convenience. We continue to use Dr Stephen Jones' books and teachings for the vast majority of the courses. 

If you have lost contact with us and wish to resume your studies, please contact us for more information. You may re-register for the online school 
at the above address and select your own user name and password. 

We extend thanks to Dr Stephen Jones and Rob Pannier for their assistance in making this re-launch possible. 

Best Regards,
Paul Andree

Author of "Israelology - http://www.netmender.net/Israelology/
The Birthright, House of Israel, Kingdom, and Sons of God 
Video - http://www.myspace.com/israelology

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