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Another Eyewitness Account of War in Georgia

Aug 21, 2008

I did not realize that Georgia had cut off the water supply a month before bombing cities in South Ossetia.

Supposedly, Georgia invaded in order to bring S. Ossetia back under their control. But to start bombing cities and civilians does not appear to me to be the way to win the hearts of the people. Such acts have been considered war crimes when done anywhere else.

If their real intention was to take back the government, they would have sent troops to occupy the government buildings. But instead, they just started bombing the cities. This shows us the character of the Georgian president. He's not the nice guy that the White House is presenting him to be. It's no wonder the provinces in Georgia are breaking away. They don't want to be oppressed any more than we do.


The worst side effect to all of this is that in allowing Georgia to attack S. Ossetian civilians, we have awakened the Russian bear. Now there are reports that Russia is ready to send troops to help Iran and is offering some serious missiles to Syria as well. No doubt our president will say something like, "See, we told you they were bad guys!" But this is a bit like the kid after a fight who told his mother, "Joe started it when he hit me back."

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