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A Short Profile on Timing from 1995

Aug 16, 2008

In writing about the events in 1995, I took the time to revisit my records at the time in order to refresh my memory of those events. I tend to forget many details, because subsequent events and revelation take over. These later revelations show us how the previous ones are being fulfilled, but too often we do not have the time to make the correlations. So I have now taken the time to go back to those 1995 revelations and to see how they have been fulfilled in the light of today's events.

First of all, recall that we held two prayer campaigns in those days. First was the Jubilee Prayer Campaign from Nov. 21-29, 1993. The second was His Fulness Prayer Campaign from January 27-30, 1994. Each prayer campaign saw a sign in Japan precisely 414 days later.

414 days after Nov. 29, 1993 (Jubilee Prayer Campaign) = Jan. 17, 1995. The quake in Kobe, Japan.

414 days after Jan. 30, 1994 (His Fulness Prayer Campaign) = March 20, 1995. The sarin gas attack in a subway of Tokyo, Japan.

But perhaps a more significant event occurring on March 20, 1995, which is an obvious connection to His Fulness Prayer Campaign, came in a letter that someone sent me. It read:

" . . . Roy McMasters in Texas had called this week and told him 1000 new agers convened in New Mexico to call in the Age of Aquarius and that the time of the 'fish' [Pisces] Christian age is over. They are bent to call into our DNA's the ability to become gods--this happened March 20."

In other words, 414 days after His Fulness prayer campaign, a thousand New Agers gathered in New Mexico to proclaim the end of the Christian [Pentecostal] Age as represented by the constellation Pisces. They proclaimed the beginning of the Age of Aquarius on March 20, and they called into our DNA the ability to become gods.

The New Age movement has a certain level of knowledge, but they are trying to obtain the glorified body apart from the biblical Feast of Tabernacles. In Adam's day, the earth was in the Age of Taurus. In Moses' day we entered the Age of Aries, the Ram (sacrificial system). In Jesus' day we entered the Age of Pisces, the Fish, which was the early Christian symbol. We have now entered into the Age of Aquarius, the Water-bearer, indicating the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh through the Feast of Tabernacles.

Before we had a Bible, God named the constellations prophetically in order to give people the divine plan for the earth from Virgo (the Virgin giving birth to the Messiah) to Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. All of these constellations, when understood from a biblical perspective, are prophetic and reveal the divine plan. However, men corrupted the revelation and turned it into astrology. Men took the revelation about the coming Messiah and decided to try to fulfill those prophecies themselves. This is how the Mystery Religions of ancient times were formed. They were corruptions and counterfeits of the truth.

Even so, David tells us in Psalm 19:1, "the heavens declare the glory of God." In spite of all the corruption and misinterpretation, this simple fact has not changed. The Constellation of the Ram really did characterize the time from Moses to Christ. The Constellation of Pisces, the fish in whose mouth the water was being poured, really did depict the Church under Pentecost. This is why Jesus taught His disciples to become "fishers of men" (Matt. 4:19).

We really are entering into the Age of Aquarius, which, biblically speaking, is the time of the outpouring of the fulness of the Holy Spirit. The New Age movement actually has a better grasp of the Feast of Tabernacles than the Church does. The Church is looking for a rapture and an eternal home in a far-off heaven in a purely spiritual body. The Feast of Tabernacles, however, prophesies that our reward is a glorified body in which we may move freely between heaven and earth. (See my book, The Rapture in the Light of Tabernacles.)

The main problem with the New Age movement is that it rejects the Sacrifice of Christ as the means of attaining the glorified body. They want to "become gods" in their own right, rather than to be part of the Body of Christ. They view Christ as a mere Teacher and Example, rather than as the Sacrifice to deal with the sin that prevents men from attaining this goal.

But on March 20, 1995, a thousand New Agers gathered to proclaim the Age of Aquarius precisely 414 days after His Fulness Prayer Campaign, by which we had prayed to receive the fulness of the Holy Spirit. Their "call into our DNA's the ability to become gods" occurred on Cursed Time (414 days), and it coincided with the sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway that killed 12 people. Nonetheless, it was an important time marker.

If they had waited until Pentecost of that year to pray, they would have done so on a 490-day cycle. Pentecost in 1995 fell on June 4. Prophetically speaking, it was two years after the death of King Saul on Pentecost of 1993. This was important, because those two years represented the time that King Saul's son, Ishbosheth, ruled over Israel before being killed (2 Sam. 2:10; 4:6-8).

On June 4 we ourselves were led to make a more appropriate prayer and decree in regard to the Kingdom of God. We did so on the 490-day cycle, known as Blessed Time. Incidentally, back in 1985 I had received a Word about holding a prayer campaign on June 4. Back in that year, the Net of Prayer held its "Nail and Hammer" Prayer Campaign on June 5 instead. So it was not until ten years later, June 4, 1995, that this word was actually fulfilled. Obviously, God delayed the timing of it to accommodate the Hezekiah Factor, which was unknown in 1985.

June 4, 1995 also proved to be an important mid-point between His Fulness Prayer Campaign and the 8th day of Tabernacles of 1996. The total time frame was 980 days, with June 4, 1995 falling in the middle at the 490-day point.

Likewise, we can see the same 980-day pattern dating from the Jubilee Prayer Campaign. If you add 980 days to Nov. 29, 1993, it comes out at August 5, 1996, which was the day that our work in Seattle was completed, and we left town to move to Minnesota on that same day.

Since most of you were not personally involved in those times and seasons, you would have no way of remembering these dates--nor is that really important. The point is to show that we see God working on these precise time cycles in the outworking of His plan. Timing confirms our understanding of the plan, because it shows that God does everything by His calendar. He is not in panic mode. He does not rush the plan, nor can man delay it. Any and all "delays" were taken into account from the beginning and actually were part of the divine plan from the beginning of time.

Even the New Agers were incorporated into the divine plan when they made their prayer on March 20, 1995. Their skewed understanding is witnessed by the fact that they did their thing on Cursed Time, rather than on Blessed Time; yet nonetheless, they too will receive His Fulness, but only through divine judgments that will correct them and teach them how to go through the only Door--Jesus Christ.

Over the years, God has done so many things at the same time, it is difficult to write about them without totally confusing you with too many threads in the cloth. What I have tried to do is to separate the themes and develop each one by itself in order to simplify a very complex revelation of the mind of God. Even so, I know that unless you are already oriented toward dates and numbers, it can be difficult to comprehend.

This much will give you some practical applications of the Laws of Time that I laid out in my book, Secrets of Time.

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