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The Ugly Truth on the Coming War with Iran

Jul 29, 2008

Here is an article about Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullin's recent visit to the Israeli state, telling them in no uncertain terms that they better not even think about sinking another American ship (like the USS Liberty in 1967) in order to draw America into a war with Iran.

If this is accurate, it should be pieced together with the fact that Condoleeza Rice is known to be at odds with V.P. Dick Cheney insofar as war with Iran is concerned. Cheney loves to give us wars; Rice is pushing for a diplomatic solution with Iran. At the moment, it appears that Rice has the upper hand, as the President has now begun to reverse his original hard-line Cheney position.

The Israelis must wonder if they have a smaller window of opportunity than thought at first.


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