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The New China and Christianity's Rise

Jul 18, 2008

Here is an amazing article in the Chicago Tribune for July 18 about the changing face of China. With the rise of the new capitalist economy, run by the Communist Party, China is rapidly changing. But with those changes, there is a new greed and lack of ethics in business, which threatens to derail the prosperity of China itself.

The Chinese government is now re-thinking its opposition to religion, simply because religion, including Christianity, offers a moral basis for this new economic growth. Christianity itself puts a damper upon the corruption in the normal atheist-based economic/political system.

Watch this development, because there is a new reality coming to China. If they want to prosper, they will find Christianity very useful in that prosperity--as long as it doesn't get corrupted by American evangelists who have learned how to use religion to defraud the people. This article shows how at least one Chinese pastor became a Christian after being disillusioned by the Tienneman Square crackdown in 1989. He now has an open Church (not underground), and he even reports to the Communist authorities of his plans.

It is a new China. They are turning Christian, even as Western Christianity decays. This article is highly recommended.


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