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Letter Response from a Reader

Jul 29, 2008

Here is a letter telling me of two dreams that he had some years ago, which, if they mean something prophetically, may apply to what I have been saying these past few days in regard to the year 2010. It shows how Sept. 8, 2010 may actually be the time of the fulfillment of these long-term time cycles.

Since I do not know for sure, I am reproducing this letter for your discernment . . . .

Dear Stephen,

After your last response to my email I told myself I would not email you again but I must pass something on to you in light of what you have been writing lately on 2010. To say the least I have been fascinated by it because of a dream I had on June 26, 2003.

On this day I had a two-part dream. In the first part of the dream, it was at night and the song Silent Night was being sung with emphasis on the words holy night and all is calm. I was given a sense that it had to do with the coming of the Lord. Then I saw a paper that looked like an affidavit. I saw On____, and then I saw (perhaps heard) September 8, but not the year. I wondered what year it was but again was not told. Then I saw the affidavit again and this time the word Wednesday scrolled across my vision. Again I was given the impression that September 8, Wednesday had to do with the coming of the Lord. It would be at night, and it would be calm.

In the second part of the dream, I saw myself with a group of people. I saw in a vision the coming of the Lord and told the group. Then we looked behind us and there were all these people prostrate on the floor in the shadows of the room. I was given the impression that they were unsaved and they were drawn to where we were. They were being drawn by the spirit and we were to teach them.

When I woke that morning I looked at the calendar and realized that 2004 was one of the years that Sept 8 falls on a Wednesday. Needless to say I was looking for something to happen. When it didn't, I looked at the calendar again and for some reason I thought the next time this combination would occur was 2011, so since 2004 I have been looking for something to happen in 2011, until some time last year when a friend pointed out to me that I had the wrong year and that it was in 2010. We both laughed because it is a joke between us that I am not very good with numbers. I have to work real hard to keep up with your numbers.

But then I was caught by your discussion of the Hebrew calendar and how something could come in Sept 2009, which would begin the year 2010. At first this threw me for a loop until I started to search for when in Sept of 2010 the new Hebrew year begins. Much to my surprise, September 8 on Wednesday is the eve of the feast of trumpets. It is the last day of 2010.

As you know the combination of Sept 8 on a Wednesday occurs on cycle accounting for leap year, but the combination of Sept 8, Wednesday falling on the eve of the beginning of the fall feasts is another issue. It does not occur all that often. With my limited resources I discovered it in 1706 (?), 1915, 1926 and 2010. I have found no such combo all the way through 2050. I'd be 100 in that year, so, if I researched correctly, there is only one year in our lifetime to which this could apply.

Well, I pass this on for what it is worth.


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