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Evangelicals to Support John McCain

Jul 03, 2008

Charisma magazine article says this:

"Obama has reached out to evangelical leaders more than McCain, a fact that irked some at the meeting. But others said they must support McCain regardless because an Obama presidency would mean passage of highly liberal policies that would probably allow 'same-sex marriage,' severely hurt religious freedom, and ensure the appointment of judges who would keep abortion on demand as the law of the land.

"Rich Scarborough, founder and president of Vision America, predicted that laws would be passed that would essentially criminalize basic Christian beliefs."

It appears that many evangelicals don't really like McCain much, but they are going to support him on the issues that they care about most. Those issues, according to this article, are about appointing conservative judges who are likely to oppose abortion and same-sex marriage.

I find no mention of torture in the article, so I suppose they feel it is a non-issue. Just wait until Christians become classified as terrorists and criminals. When torture is used on them, perhaps they will wish they had not been so supportive of it.

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