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Does Bin Laden Have Nukes in America?

Jul 17, 2008

Here's an interesting but rather scary article about someone who thinks that Bin Laden has smuggled some suitcase bombs into America, probably through the border with Mexico.

Most of the evidence lies with the testimony of one man, and that also assumes that Bin Laden was telling him the truth. So there are a lot of "ifs" in this, which makes it far from a certainty. Apparently, the US government is not taking it too seriously either.

Nonetheless, you should read the article and decide for yourself. It is probably not a good idea to live in certain cities that could be in danger. But if such an event were to occur--even anywhere in the world--the biggest problem for all those outside the strike zone would be in protecting your thyroid gland from absorbing the radioactive iodine that will encircle the globe.

It has been some time since I have mentioned using Potassium Iodate in such a scenario, but this is the cheapest form of "insurance" that a person can have to protect the thyroid from radiation. We continue to make Potassium Iodate available for those who want to carry some in case of emergency. Keep in mind that this is not a vitamin supplement that you should take to supplement a daily need for iodine. This is purely an emergency measure to be stored away until such time as you could be exposed to nuclear radiation.

See the latter half of my web log for April 11, 2006 for a more detailed explanation of Potassium Iodate:

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