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Another Dream about Sept. 8, 2010

Jul 30, 2008

I received this report from the field . . .

Hey Stephen,

Well this is just amazing--- I was just about to write you ALSO about Sept. 8th, 2010, and I see that someone ELSE had a dream about September 8 besides me!

Do you recall the email I sent you back then, and then again last year, about this date-- September 8-- and the dream that I had about that??  Remember I told you about my dream of September 8 and how I too suspected 2010 as important since it is right at Feast of Trumpets?

To recap, I had this short dream, more auditory than visual, in November 2006  (I'll have to dig in my files for the exact day)--- In the dream I asked "How long, Lord until your promise be fulfilled in us?"  Then I saw "September 8" and then heard, "it will come about through provocation by the sons of belial."  That was the end of it.

Since then, I believe the Lord showed me some parallels regarding "the provocation by the sons of belial"-- that is to 'provoke' the manifestation in some way.  There are two parallels in Scripture:

1)  The provocation concerning the failure of the Israelites to believe the GOOD report of Joshua and Caleb.  Recall that on TWO occasions they tried to convince the people that God was able to bring them into the land.  On the first occasion, you might say they were ignored (as they then listened to the evil report of the 10 spies).  On the second occasion (after the 10 spies gave their report), Joshua and Caleb again tried to convince them God was able to bring them into the land, and THAT was the turning point, at which time the people "took up stones to stone them"--- The moment that they did this, the Glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.  In other words, their "provocation" or intent to kill Joshua and Caleb, is what caused God to intervene and fill the Tabernacle with His presence (of course you can imagine that all the people were shaking in their boots!)....

2) The second type of provocation deals with Ishmael's provocation of Isaac.  Recall that in this provocation that there were again TWO  occasions of provocation.  The first one is in Scripture, and occurred when Ishmael teased (sarcasm, no doubt) Isaac for "being weaned from the milk."  The second one is in the book of Jasher, as you know, and occurred when Ishmael shot the bow at Isaac, intending to kill him, no doubt.  The moment he did this, again, God intervened- because Sarah saw it and the result was "the bondwoman and her son were cast out."

I believe that both of these types give us information concerning what circumstances will be taking place, and what will ultimately bring about the manifestation of the sons of God.  Incredible too, is that this date falls on Feast of Trumpets, when we would expect the Resurrection  There is obviously going to be two diametrically opposed belief systems concerning what God is doing or able to do.  I would say that the GOOD report is the message of Reconciliation, and the EVIL report is the hell fire and torment theology so prevalent today.  From the other type, I would say that when this message of Reconciliation begins to grow by leaps and bounds that those who believe the 'evil report' will respond initially with sarcasm... 'teasing' those who believe in UR ('so you're weaned from the milk, are you?').  However, obviously at some point jealousy turns their heart to hatred toward those who believe and deliver the Good Report of UR.  How that manifests on the level of "Ishmael shooting the bow and Isaac" or "the people taking up stones to stone Joshua and Caleb" -- I am not sure.  But I do know that as far as Scripture goes, we know that killing another person is wrong, but the Lord said that even hatred in our heart toward another is not much different than killing.  Whatever that final provocation is, we know that the result will be "the bondwoman and her son will be cast out" and "the Glory of the Lord will fill the 'tabernacle.'" 

Another possible tie in is that I have a sense that this provocation is somehow tied in with Ezek. 38 and Gog/Magog... I see us as 'villages without walls' right now, because we do not have the Glory of the Lord as our 'wall of fire' just yet (in the manifested sense).  

Lastly, I just wanted to ask== Don't you think the seige against Samaria that began 3 years before its actual downfall, tie in with the "seige against bablyon" for 2008-2010?  If so, then this is the year of the seige to begin....and perhaps Feast of Trumpets is the beginning!



MY COMMENT: With a double witness on this date, we should certainly mark it on our calendars, and as we get closer to it, we should see how world events are shaping up.

Note that 723-721 B.C. was the three-year siege of Samaria, and that 7 x 390 years later is 2008-2010. Perhaps the year 2008 is the beginning of the "siege" on Washington D.C. that will lead to the events in the year 2010. I had noticed this, but forgot to write about it.

Finally, I have long thought that it is likely the Israeli state will be destroyed on the feast of Trumpets some year. There is a possibility that we may see this occur on Sept. 8, 2010.

Be watchful. We seem to be coming down the home stretch in the next two years.

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