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A New Revelation of 390 Years

Jul 28, 2008

Over Saturday morning, I had an epiphany while meditating on the Word. It dawned on me that from the time that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 to the year 2010 was precisely 390 years.

I don't know why I never saw that before. I think it was because in the past I had focused more upon the year 1986, rather than upon 2010.

The year 1986, you recall, was 13 x 210 years from 745 B.C., dating from the time the Assyrians began to take chunks of the house of Israel into captivity. This time period (2730 years) was also 7 x 390 years, giving us the theme, "No King in Israel."

However, as I have also shown there was a secondary and perhaps more important beginning point for this time cycle. It was 24 years later in the year 721 B.C., when the capital city of Samaria was taken by the Assyrians. Dating from this year, we see this: 721 B.C. plus 2730 years = 2010 A.D.

In other words,

721 B.C. + 13 x 210 years = 2010
721 B.C. + 7 x 390 years   = 2010

The final 210-year cycle: 1800-2010
The final 390-year cycle: 1620-2010

As you can see, both of these long prophetic cycles come out at the same end point. The end of a 210-year cycle indicates the end of "distress" (i.e., the time of Jacob's trouble, or distress). The end of a 390-year cycle indicates the end of "No King in Israel."

Putting them together, we could easily conclude that the year 2010 would see some kind of terminal point on America's captivity to Babylon, even as Israel's captivity in Egypt ended after 210 years. At the same time, it may be that Jesus Christ, our rejected King, will be reinstated to His rightful place over the government in America.

Time will prove or disprove all things, of course. I am not prophesying anything here. I am only giving you my opinion about the meaning of these time cycles, based upon my understanding of the past (i.e., biblical history).

In Scripture, the first major 390-year period (that I know of) defined the time of the Judges. This time began with Othniel, whom God raised up to deliver Israel from their first captivity (Judges 3:7-10). It ended with the glorification of Solomon's Temple, an event which brought the King of Israel into their midst.

For further details and proofs, see chapter 13 of my book, Secrets of Time.

Once we see the parallel between the time of Israel's judges and American history from 1620-2010, we may draw some fairly obvious conclusions, along with some educated guesses about the year 2010. In 1620 the Pilgrims planted the seeds of a Christian Nation, whereas the earlier settlement of Jamestown had been Christian nominally, but was actually an economic enterprise. Thus, this 390-year period did not begin in 1607 with Jamestown, but in 1620 with Plymouth.

In fact, 390 years from 1607 actually brings us to the year 1997, which was the year of Jubilee following our Jubilee declaration on Sept. 23, 1996. Perhaps this may have foreshadowed a Jubilee from the economic bondage that America has been under for so many years. In fact, we wondered back in 1996 if we would see the fall feast days fulfilled at that time. While some important things did happen, the economic bondage continued and worsened.

So now we are soon coming to the end of the 390-year cycle dating from 1620. The current economic crisis lends credence to the view that these events may be leading to some major events in 2010 dealing with the fall of Mystery Babylon.

The American form of government was established Constitutionally along the pattern of Israel's judges. The President was primarily the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. That is, he held the same responsibility as the biblical Judges, who were largely military commanders, or deliverers, who led the army of Israel in fighting off the foreign invaders.

Israel's judges were also called to judge the people--that is, to enforce the laws of God. The judges were raised up by God and ruled under God. For this reason, the Declaration of Independence in America stated the view that all rights come from God and that men's governments were instituted to protect those God-given rights.

That was basically the duty of the judges in Israel. When the people sinned, however, God would bring the people into "wooden-yoke" captivities, in which they served their sentence in Canaan, but paid tribute to their captors. Captivities were times when the people lost their God-given rights, because their captors did not enforce the God-given rights of the people as specified in the divine law.

So also it is with us. The Pilgrims laid the foundations of government under God. This was reflected in the Declaration of 1776. But the Church fell into the same lawlessness as in biblical days, and so God brought in Mystery Babylon to put us under another wooden yoke. With it came the payment of tribute. Babylonian leaders totally disagreed with the Declaration of Independence, taking upon themselves the place of God. Their government usurped the place of God and took upon itself the right to grant rights as they wished, regardless of what God had said in His law.

So the 390-year period from 1620-2010 has been repeating Israel's history of the judges in many ways. The only difference, perhaps, is that Israel had six captivities, whereas America has seen just one big captivity, as if they were all rolled up into one.

What is interesting to me is that Israel's first captivity was to the king of Mesopotamia (Judges 3). Mesopotamia means "land between two rivers." It is the general name for Babylon. So in a sense, it became a type of Babylonian captivity that we are seeing even today.

So what is the significance of Israel's time of judges ending after 390 years with the glorification of Solomon's Temple? First, by that time, Israel had already had three kings: Saul, David, and Solomon. But these were kings who were supposed to rule under the King of Kings. The true King was God as manifested in the earth by Jesus Christ.

The time that I have called "No King in Israel" is based upon the statement in Judges 18:1; 19:1, and 21:25, along with Hosea 3:4, "For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king." This should be understood in terms of a form of government preceding the true Monarchy of the Kingdom of God, in which Jesus Christ is recognized as King, and His law established as the law of the Kingdom.

I wonder, then, if the year 2010 may be the time when the U.S. President might finally repent and stop usurping the place of Christ. It may be the time when Jesus Christ is officially declared to be the King, and any president would be merely a biblical judge, called by God to enforce the divine law and protect the rights that God has truly given in His word.

If this proves to be so, then the current economic and military crisis is probably leading the country to a showdown with destiny. The collapse of Babylon, the declaration of a Jubilee that cancels all debt, and perhaps a major military disaster, may all combine to change the entire New World Order. It would appear that the year 2010 may see the key events in this tidal change.

The fact that 2010 is the end of 7 x 390 years from the fall of Samaria--the capital of Israel--links the time to our own Capital, Washington D.C. That suggests a national political event.

The fact that 2010 is the end of 13 x 210 years from the fall of Samaria suggests the end of a "time of distress" caused by the lack of the true King in America. 2010 is also 14 x 210 years from the death of Solomon, King of Israel.

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