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A New Revelation of 390 Years--Addendum

Jul 28, 2008

Ancient Israel had two periods of 210 years to mark their "time of Jacob's trouble." The first was their 210 years in bondage to Egypt, ending with the Exodus. This correlated with Jacob's bondage to Laban for 20/21 years.

The second 210-year period was when Solomon died and the Kingdom split by civil war in 931 B.C. The house of Israel refused to remain under Solomon's son because of high taxes without representation. Thus, Israel and Judah divided into two nations, with the tribes of Joseph separated from Judah and the scepter.

This division began a 210-year cycle that ran directly parallel to Jacob's second time of trouble, in which he was separated from Joseph for 21 years. Joseph arrived in Egypt as a slave at the age of 18, and he was separated from his brethren until he was 39.

Thus, Israel's national 210-year "separation" cycle began in 931 B.C. and ended in 721 B.C. with the fall of Samaria. That year, 721 B.C., was also Israel's 14th Jubilee from their Jordan crossing. As I wrote in Secrets of Time, the Jordan crossing occurred in 2488 (years from Adam), and the fall of Samaria occurred 14 x 49 years later in 3174, which translates to 721 B.C.

Israel, of course, did not even dream of declaring a Jubilee in 721 or in any other year for that matter. So God declared a Jubilee over the land and set the land free of the lawless Israelites.

It is interesting, then, that Israel would go through 14 periods of distress (14 x 210 years), ending in 2010 A.D. It is as if God has made them go through 210 years of trouble for every Jubilee that they refused to declare.

931 B.C. + 210 = 721 B.C. + 12 x 210 = 1800 A.D. + 210 = 2010

For all of these 210-year cycles to end in 2010, a number which is a version of 210, is only coincidental if you believe in coincidences.

This connection between Jacob and Jubilees was established long ago. If you do the chronology, you find that Jacob was born in 2108. It was the 43rd Jubilee year from Adam (2107-2108). Jacob's name was changed to Israel at the age of 98, which was when he was 2 Jubilees old. He died a Jubilee later at the age of 147 on the 46th Jubilee from Adam (2255).

Perhaps this is why his descendants, the house of Israel, were judged in their 14th Jubilee in the land of Canaan, and why they spent 14 x 210 years in a time of distress, or trouble. Whatever the reason, it is interesting that the year 2010 dates directly from the death of Solomon, as if to suggest a time of "No King in Israel." That was the year that the northern tribes of Israel rejected the monarchy of Judah which had been established by David.

Looking at the parallel time frame of 745 B.C. to 1776 A.D. (12 x 210 years), we see in this the repeat situation, wherein America revolted against the monarchy of King George III (a descendant of King David) over high taxes without representation. It was the same motivation as is given in the revolt of Israel against Solomon's son, Rehoboam, in 1 Kings 12.

Even as Rehoboam was foolish enough to raise taxes instead of lowering them, so also in 1776 King George was foolish in this regard. But behind it all, God had purposed this American revolt in order to reveal and ultimately resolve an old problem that had begun with the sins of Solomon.

God has engineered a huge repeat of history in the split between the monarchy of Judah in Britain and the birthright of Joseph in America (US and Canada representing Ephraim and Manasseh). The resolution, it seems to me, can only come about when our great Repairer of the Breach comes. Meanwhile, neither side should be forced to submit to the other's form of government. Both are fatally flawed. The only solution is for both sides to declare Jesus Christ to be King. Unification under the banner of the Kingdom of God is the divine solution to the breach between the scepter and the birthright.

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