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5-Minute Seymour Hersh Video on Covert Operations in Iran

Jul 11, 2008

Congress just approved $400 million earmarked for covert military operations inside Iran to destabilize the country and undermine it in any way possible.

This is essentially an act of war. And yet we are being told that Iran is the one threatening us. No, it is the other way around. They are trying to defend themselves against U.S. military action.

This week Iran "test fired" some missiles as a warning to us and to the Israelis not to attack their country. This is being interpreted as a "threat" against us. What a laugh. It is a warning not to threaten them!

Seymour Hersh wrote a lengthy article recently about "Provoking Iran Into War," which has caused quite a stir in the news community. Here is a short 5-minute CNN interview with Mr. Hersh that is well worth watching.


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Category: Middle East

Dr. Stephen Jones

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