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The State of the US Economy--2008

Jun 18, 2008


Here is an article projecting some serious economic events in the next six months, once the Beijing Olympics are concluded.

It shows how helpless the Federal Reserve is to stop it. And it gives you some ideas of how to prepare. Assuming, of course, that you have money to lose. Those who have the most will probably lose the most. Corporate America, of course, will see the situation first and will shift its assets to other countries and other currencies, hastening the downfall of the dollar.

So much for free trade and globalization policies. I wrote about the suicidal nature of such things back in 1994 when the GATT treaty was passed. The best minds in the world are looking pretty foolish now.

Babylon the Great.

A pity that such a fine old tree should be stripped of its leaves and pulled up by the roots (Dan. 4).

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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