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MSNBC Interview Calling for President Bush and Others to Repent

Jun 11, 2008

The Senate Intelligence Committee has issued its report on the way Americans were deceived into supporting the Iraq War. It comes on the heels of Scott McClellan's new book saying basically the same thing. McClellan is a former spokesman for the Bush White House.

It is my hope and prayer, of course, that the President will admit his mistakes and repent before God on behalf of himself and the American people, so that the Holy Spirit can be poured out on this country in an unprecedented way.

Before this is over, it will probably be revealed that the real deception came from the Zionists in the President's cabinet, whose agenda was to trap America in an expensive war to protect the Israeli state from its enemies. Now that America is near bankruptcy after 6 years of war, perhaps things are finally coming to a climax. There is nothing hidden that will not be shouted from the housetops

The Zionists are playing a very dangerous game under the assumption that they control our government and the media enough to prevent their exposure. But they will be exposed in the end, and when this happens, they will find that they have done more damage to Jews world wide than anyone else might have done.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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