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John Bolton Talks About Israeli Attack on Iran

Jun 27, 2008

John Bolton used to be the UN Ambassador in the Bush administration. He is in a position to know a lot about the thinking of President Bush. Secondly, he is also on the list of dozens who enjoy dual citizenship with the Israeli state. So it is quite likely that he is well acquainted with the Israeli way of thinking as well.

He says that if Obama is elected as our next president in November, the Israelis will most likely attack the nuclear facility in Iran some time between the election and the inauguration in January.


Of course, he might prove to be wrong, but we need to be aware of what Bolton is saying, so that we are not surprised if it happens. If you think the price of oil is high now, guess what would happen with an interruption of Iranian oil in the world markets!

The article also says,

"In a related interview with The Telegraph, Bolton says he believes Arab countries will support an Israeli strike, effectively ending Iran's nuclear ambitions, while publicly denouncing it.

"Their reaction, he tells the British paper, "will be positive privately. I think there'll be public denunciations, but no action."

Yes, of course the Saudis would love to see the price of oil spike sky high. That's good for business. Not only does it level a blow to a business competitor, but it also hits the primary Shiite nation, which can only strengthen the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia and other places.

Another consideration . . . Bolton reveals in the above quotation how governments say one thing in private and another in public. He should know. Our own government has been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. Take note how our President denounces in public the new Israeli settlements on Palestinian land that they have confiscated. But in private, they support it. The Israelis know this, and it is proven by the simple fact that there is "no action" taken against them. That's politics.

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