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Israeli Plans to Bomb Iran

Jun 17, 2008

It appears that the Israelis believe that a bombing raid against Iran is only a matter of time. They still seem to be hoping that President Bush will do this for them, but they have concluded that one way or another, it must be done before President Bush leaves office.


"President Bush, however, has recently been sending out signals that are suspiciously reminiscent of the run-up to the Iraq war. Then, as today, he insisted that "all options are on the table." And then, as today, he sought to appease the Europeans by saying that all diplomatic channels would be exhausted first. But during his recent visit to Slovenia, Bush said: "There's a lot of urgencies when it comes to dealing with Iran, and the Israeli political folks ... if you go to Israel and listen carefully, you'll hear that urgency in their voice."

"An Iranian nuclear bomb would overshadow all other threats that Israel has faced during the 60 years of its existence. As costly as its wars have been, and as horrific the suicide bombings of radical Islamists may be, they can never pose a serious threat to the existence of the Jewish state.

But a single nuclear strike would have devastating consequences for this small country, which is only about half the size of Switzerland. In fact, international strategists commonly refer to Israel as a "one-bomb country."

Comment: In other words, the article is suggesting that President Bush is seriously planning an American strike against Iran as his final legacy of his presidency.

I have felt since the late 1970's that Iran would eventually be God's agent for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon, even as ancient Persia (Iran) was God's agent for the overthrow of the old Babylonian Empire. As time has passed, Iran has stepped into the forefront more and more. In my view, such an attack on Iran would certainly backfire upon America, the Israeli state, and the entire western world. Even if initially successful, it would unleash forces that no one had anticipated, signaling the final stages of modern Babylon's overthrow.

This article is a MUST read.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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