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Chased by a Tornado--A Washington Story?

Jun 11, 2008

Recently, a tornado tore through Hugo, Minnesota just north of St. Paul. Hugo is in Washington County.

At the same time, a tornado tore through Parkersburg, Iowa, which is located in Washington County.

Here is an interview with a young man who was literally chased by the tornado in Parkersburg. He had been fishing when he got a phone call that suggested he leave right away. By the time he did, hail was falling, and the tornado was nearly upon him. He had to drive 110 mph to outrun it, and even then, the back end of his truck was being pulled up by the wind. "Terror in the Rear View Mirror" is a short first hand account of it.

I find it interesting, because I have often found place names to be significant when linked with certain events that are about to come. The fact that both of these tornados struck a different Washington County makes me wonder what sort of turmoil we might see soon in Washington D.C.


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