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May 20, 2008

I was gone this past week on a teaching trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin and just returned last night. That is why I was unable to write web logs a few days.

I had very good response in Green Bay with most of the people being new to the things I teach. There were about 30 who came to hear the Word, and all but one book that I set out was purchased. In fact, I really did not bring enough books to meet the demand.

I also appreciated the fact that there were a number of pastors in attendance. I got the most "amens" from brother Isaiah, but who's counting? We had a very good visit with Jim on Sunday afternoon before I left town. And, of course, thanks to Jim Frasch (the other Jim) who is the director of the 9th Street Christian Center, where we met.

The biggest thanks goes to Pastor Paul Davis, who invited us to come and who introduced us to the people there. Also to his wife, Barbara, for her hospitality in putting us up for two nights.

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