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Islam in Britain Filling the Religious Vacuum

May 30, 2008

I have written in the past how God raised up Islam to judge the corrupted Church. The "little horn" of Daniel 7 is the Papal Church coming out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. It took 414 years from 192-606 A.D. for Papal authority to come to full maturity. This is the factor of "Cursed Time" which is explained more fully in my book, Secrets of Time.

 Mohammed began preaching his new religion in 612.

Now it appears that God is bringing the same type of judgment upon the Church of England. One of their prominent bishops is warning the Church of this:


As long as we continue to look at Islam as the problem, instead of looking inward, there will be no repentance and no change, and the problem will continue.

As long as we continue to view Islam as a competing religion, instead of as a divine judgment, we will continue to fight it, instead of repenting for our own powerless, irrelevant, watered-down religion.

I do not know how long this will continue, because I do not know when Christians will repent. But I do know that the Church is being judged for the same reason that King Saul was judged. Yet there is also hope, because we are at the end of an era and we are at the beginning of The Age to Come.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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