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Frogs and Clouds May Signal Coming Earthquakes (as in China)

May 20, 2008

It is now being reported that a mass migration of frogs occurred in the days before the May 12 earthquake in China.

There is now a second frog migration going on. The people are taking it as a sign of a soon-coming aftershock.


There is also a man who predicts earthquakes by unusual cloud formations that appear in the months before an earthquake. Actually, a quake appears to occur underground, and then it takes days, weeks, and even months for it to reach the surface. The clouds seem to form in patterns according to the energy radiating from the earth even before the quake hits.

"Since 1994, Zhonghao Shou, a retired Chinese chemist living in New York, has made dozens of earthquake predictions based on cloud patterns in satellite images, and claims to have a 70% accuracy. Stress and friction in the ground can vaporize water long before the earthquake happens, according to Shou, and clouds formed through these mechanisms are distinctly shaped. He has identified five different types of earthquake cloud, including “line-shaped”, “feather-shaped”, and “lantern shaped” clouds. He claims that an earthquake will take place within 103 days of the appearence of one of these clouds, and that the average time is 30 days."

The above quote, along with photographs of clouds and frogs in the streets can be seen by going to the following site:


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